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Technological Trends in the Gambling Industry

Technological Trends in the Gambling Industry
Technological Trends in the Gambling Industry

It is a well-established fact that technology has significantly affected the world of gambling. It has completely transformed the way gambling is carried out and enjoyed today. Online casinos first started popping up a few decades ago, and alongside brick-and-mortar casinos, they too have felt the impact of various technological innovations. Today it is impossible for casinos to survive without making use of the various technologies and devices available in the market. Let us look at the major technological trends in the gambling industry.

RFID chips

Ensuring complete security has always been the primary concern of casinos. The threats they face are not restricted to burglars and con men but also their own seemingly loyal customers.

Casinos use small plastic chips in place of real banknotes. Customers exchange their money for these chips that they use while playing various games. One of the many methods that players have used to cheat at casinos is by bringing along their own fake chips. These counterfeit chips are then exchanged at the counter for money that the casino does not owe them.

To prevent this from happening many casinos today make use of chips with RFID tags implanted on them. These tags help keep track of each transaction that is made using the chips. Only chips with valid tags can be exchanged for money. If an issue arises regarding a chip, the employees can quickly block its access.

RFID equipped badges on employees can help casinos monitor their movements within the premises. These tags will also give alerts regarding any concerns that could threaten the internal security of the casino.

AI Equipped cameras

It would be difficult to hire enough employees to keep an eye on every inch of the casino floor. Security cameras have been a great help in monitoring everything that is happening in the establishment. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence equipped cameras, casinos have a better handle on any irregularities or crimes that occur. These AI cameras helps in facial recognition to prevent criminals or previously banned individuals from entering the building. They are also often programmed to track everything that goes on at each table and alert the employees if a customer is trying to cheat. AI-equipped cameras will make customers warier about using fraudulent methods while playing.

Mobile applications

Once upon a time, gamers refused to recognise those who played on their phones as real gamers. But this changed and mobile gaming became a massive industry with major developers creating mobile versions of their most popular PC or console games. Online casinos hopped on this trend and made their platforms accessible via smartphones. Soon they too started releasing downloadable mobile applications that can be easily used everywhere with an internet connection. Mobile applications are changing the way the world views gambling today.

Live Dealers

Many online casinos such as the ones listed in provide gamblers with live dealer games to better emulate a typical casino experience. Players can find games in which a human dealer deals the cards via video. These cards are often equipped with tags which are read using a machine and correctly displayed on their screen. Options regarding further actions will be shown in front of the player. These online casinos also provide players with the ability to live chat with the dealer. Such communication can be extremely beneficial for seeking guidance and solving any technical issues.

Technological Trends in the Gambling Industry
Technological Trends in the Gambling Industry

AI in online casinos

Many online casinos have also started to make use of Artificial intelligence in various processes. AI is used in online casinos for anything from customer service to keeping extensive records regarding the customers’ activities. Insights acquired from such data can help customise the services and offers provided to every individual customer.

Keeping track of the customers’ activities within the website will also help online casinos easily recognise the signs of gambling addiction. If the beginning of this severe condition is discovered, they can either prevent the person from playing anymore or provide them with the help they require to pull through.

AR/VR gambling

There are a handful of casino games that can be played using a VR headset. These games are entertaining for those who want to experience a casino gambling session right from their dinner tables. Players get to gamble with their friends or strangers from all around the world. But most of these VR games do not allow the use of real money while gambling.

Many more innovations are expected in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality gambling. Online casinos will soon be making provisions for customers to have a Virtual Reality gambling experience complete with characters designed using facial recognition.

Summing up

The world of gambling has witnessed numerous changes, and the innovations continue to take place to this day. While these technological trends help make gambling at physical locations safer, they also provide many exciting opportunities to those who enjoy gambling online.

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