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Teen Wolf Season 7: Is It Cancelled or Is There a Renewal?

Teen Wolf is an American supernatural series that aired on MTV. The series is loosely based on the Teen Wolf original movie that was released in the year 1985. The series takes place in the fictional town of Beacon Hills with the lead character Scott McCall. In the 1985 movie, the main character was played by Michael J. Fox. Hearing the fact that the show got cancelled was pretty disdainful considering its huge fan base. 

Why Did Teen Wolf Get Cancelled?

It’s most likely that Teen Wolf was cancelled, given its poor ratings. That is not, however, the only reason why season 7 has yet to be broadcast. In 2016, MTV began to phase out its scripted programming in favour of unscripted shows. By April of that year, MTV had ordered 11 unscripted series; one of which was a music competition produced by Mark Burnett – who also created The Voice, Survivor, and Shark Tank.

MTV not only greenlit a number of new reality competitions to take advantage of its growing viewership but also docuseries. They did pick up a handful of scripted shows as well, yet it’s clear the primary focus is on their unscripted content — which contrasts greatly with popular projects such as Teen Wolf.

Second, while this was occurring, the ratings for Teen Wolf had been declining since it peaked at 1.97 million viewers in season 3. Season 4’s viewership share was reduced somewhat, with 1.61 million individuals viewing each episode, which was still viable; however, by season 5, viewership had decreased significantly to around a million people every week.

Teen Wolf Season 7: Is It Cancelled or Is There a Renewal?

Teen Wolf Story

Scott McCall is the protagonist of Teen Wolf, a high school student living in Beacon Hills, California. Scott’s life changes dramatically when he is bitten by an alpha werewolf the night before his junior year of high school begins. The bite not only transforms him into a teenage werewolf but also forces him to reconcile his new identity with daily adolescent activities while also assisting in the protection of his town from supernatural activity.

Scott starts the series as a somewhat unliked and unathletic high school student who lives with his single mother, a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. While being a werewolf, he develops superhuman strength and senses far beyond those of a normal human, but he must also control wild animalistic passions that are exacerbated by anger and full moons.

The arrival of a new student, Allison Argent (Cagney), who comes from a family of werewolf hunters that includes her father Chris Argent, adds another layer to Scott’s life. Stiles Stilinski (Stilinski), the son of Beacon Hills Sheriff Stilinski, and the natural-born werewolf Derek Hale assist him in managing his new existence.

Lydia Martin is an intelligent and well-liked student who discovers she is a banshee. Jackson Whittemore, the captain of the school’s lacrosse team resents Scott’s increased attention. They are among those affected by the supernatural events in Beacon Hills. In order to keep his family, friends, and other residents of Beacon Hills safe from new dangers as well as old ones Scott receives help from Kira Yukimura (a kitsune), Malia Tate (a werecoyote), and Liam Dunbar (Scott’s first beta werewolf).

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Teen Wolf Season 7 Characters

  • Scott McCall is played by Tyler Posey
  • Alison Argent is played by Crystal Reed
  • Stiles Stilinski is played by Dylan O’Brien
  • Derek Hale is played by Tyler Hoechlin
  • Lydia Martin is played by Hollan Roden
  • Jackson Whittemore is played by Colton Haynes
  • Malia Tate is played by Shelley Hennig
  • Kia Yukimura is played by Arden Cho
  • Liam Dunbar is played by Dylan Sprayberry
  • Sherriff Noah Stilinski is played by Linden Ashby
  • Melissa McCall is played by Melissa Ponzio
  • Chris Argent is played by JR Bourne
Teen Wolf Season 7: Is It Cancelled or Is There a Renewal?

Teen Wolf Season 7 Cast and Trailer 

As Teen Wolf got cancelled, it is now quite evident that the show is not going to run for the 7th season. That’s why it’s natural that there has been no trailer for the 7th season of the series either.

As far as the cast goes, the old cast is more likely to return for the 7th season if the creators of the show plan to renew it. 

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Where Can I Watch Teen Wolf Season 7?

Teen Wolf seasons 1 – 6 are available on Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+.

What Happened to Isaac in Teen Wolf Season 7?

Although he was never a central character, Isaac made an impact on the show. When Allison died at the end of season 3, it sent Isaac into grief and he ultimately left Beacon Hills. He and Allison’s father Chris left in order to find some emotional healing and Isaac never returned.

Who is the Beast, Alpha and Benefactor in Teen Wolf?

Mason (Khylin Rhambo) is the beast, and Peter Hale is the Alpha and Benefactor in Teen Wolf.

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