The 5 Most Popular Netflix Titles From 2022

The 5 Most Popular Netflix Titles From 2022

Even though Netflix has been around for decades, it wasn’t until several years ago that it changed its MO and became the no. 1 streaming platform in the world. It’s not a surprise since it is a relatively affordable, accessible worldwide platform with hundreds of original and well-known titles only a click away.

Truth be told, 2022 brought about some changes that left people unhappy – to say the least. There was talk about changing the rules about password sharing, bringing about ads, and raising the prices, but that still didn’t stop Netflix from being at the top again.

With dozens of original films and series that meet people’s wishes and expectations, the number of streams every year is rising by millions. However, many people complain that the more they watch Netflix, the less attractive the movie library they could enjoy. Well, you would probably have 2 good options: either dedicate your spare time to understanding what cryptocurrency that everyone talks about, and then find some bitcoin pokies, or maybe read this article to find movies that you could miss from the 2022 Netflix library.

Like a lot of things that changed drastically during and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so has entertainment. For a long time, going out to clubs, theatres, or parties was nonexistent, so the only form of letting loose and entertaining ourselves was at home and online. 

Netflix played it smart and gave us endless genres and titles to keep us occupied, and happy, helping us forget about the isolated world. There are two great things they do that make people stay. One, they have a kids’ section with hundreds of titles to entertain the little ones while they learn things like colors, numbers, and other languages, as well as how to be nice and friendly.

Number two is a simple case of giving people what they want. With the rise of Tik Tok, one subculture emerged and gained numerous followers and participants: BookTok. Netflix listened to the people and began a great initiative of making films and shows based on popular books.

For example, its original show Shadow and Bone grossed millions of viewers and billions of streams, all based on a popular book. Another greatly expected original title is Damsel with Millie Bobby Brown expected to come out in October of 2023. As the new year gathers its new, constantly rising numbers of Netflix streams, here are the five most popular original titles from 2022.

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become a household title in recent years, with its nostalgia-evoking setting and the story that keeps us wanting more after every episode and season. The newest season was probably the most popular ever, with a whopping 52 billion minutes streamed during 2022. 

The gang, with Eleven, Mike, and the rest, influenced the year so much that we still find ourselves singing Running up That Hill months after and we cannot wait to see what happens next.


Everyone loves a good cop show. NCIS has been around for years too, but since acquiring it, Netflix has made it mega-popular, with over 38 billion minutes of streaming in the past year. 

3. Cocomelon

Parents and caretakers will understand Cocomelon better than anyone. Next to Masha and the Bear, it is the most-streamed children’s content on Netflix. Its numbers go up to almost 38 billion minutes as well, which means that both kids and parents adore it.

It is fun, colorful, and educational, and keeps the little ones quiet for a bit. The numbers are not a surprise to anyone.

4. Ozark

Whoever has seen Ozark will not be surprised by almost 32 billion streamed minutes on Netflix in 2022. Jason Bateman, who we usually know as a comedy guy, is an accountant who has turned to do business with Mexican drug lords and his entire family joins him in the Ozarks.

Family life meets drugs meets mafia meets dry comedy is what makes this show so popular, and the viewers are obsessed with each new episode.

5. Wednesday

Wednesday was an absolute hit in 2022 and is last on this list because it has come out quite late in the year. Still, almost 19 billion streamed minutes is not a small number.

After almost a century of comic books and iconic movies, the Addams Family is also a household title for all of us. Now, we get to see Wednesday navigating teenage life, school problems, and the killer monster on the loose. And it is all followed by the famous dark humor and the fabulous touch of Tim Burton. 

We cannot wait for season 2.

If you haven’t seen the shows from this list, we suggest you do, because Netflix is coming back strong in 2023 with both sequels and new titles. Shows like Bridgerton, Kobra Kai, The Umbrella Academy, and many others could have easily made this list as well, and everyone is expecting the sequels eagerly.

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