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The 7 Ways That Sports Benefit And Hinder Your Health

The 7 Ways That Sports Benefit And Hinder Your Health
The 7 Ways That Sports Benefit And Hinder Your Health

Sport is an excellent way to combat some of the major health concerns we can all face at some point in our lives. It can help reduce the risk factors in many different ways when it comes to the way you feel but there are some cases where sport can increase the risk of your health when the proper precautions are not taken to remedy them.

It is important that we understand where sport can have its many plus points but also to be mindful of some of the other ways that we can be affected by sport in general. Either by taking part or even by being involved in other ways. With that in mind, it is important to look at the positives and the negatives so that we can be more informed when it comes to lifestyle choices.

The plus points

Let’s start with the positives. There is always going to be a positive notion you can place on playing or being involved in sport. Here are some of the common ones.

Brings people together

One of the most obvious answers would be that sport can bring people together. You not only have the idea of watching sport with people, having some fun with it and even being competitive in other ways. You can watch it live or in other social environments, or generally enjoy it from the comfort of your own home with friends and family. It can be a great way to bring people together which ultimately makes you happier as a person. This will enable you to keep up to date with your favourite NFL team or even find a new level of passion and purpose to the sport that you love.

Your mental health

Your mental health can be affected in a positive way when it comes to playing and being involved in sport. You have the physical aspect of it, which we talk about in a moment, but you also have the way it can help when it comes to stress, anxiety and depression.

Physical fitness

There is no denying that physical fitness happens to be the number one benefit that you get from being involved in sports. No matter what sort of sport you play or involve yourself in, your physical appearance and wellbeing will be affected. You may find that youa have more energy, you feel healthier and stronger for the exercise that you are taking.

Improved health

Last of all, you have the fact that there is improved health when it comes to feeling better about yourself. You may find that your body is stronger for it, can cope with smaller illnesses such as the common cold, and that you are mentally stronger with coping with feeling unwell. Being involved in sports can have such a positive effect in this way.

The 7 Ways That Sports Benefit And Hinder Your Health
The 7 Ways That Sports Benefit And Hinder Your Health

The downsides

There are, of course, times when there are downsides to playing or being involved in sports. These are often overlooked because we all like to focus on the positives. There are more positives than negatives and a lot of the time, the downsides can be seen more as a “what if” scenario. But it is worth being aware. Here are some of the things to think about.

Your mental health

Just as we have said that taking on physical activity and sport can help with any mental health issues. That it is proven to help calm anxiety, handle depression and even go a long way to helping you feel better. But your mental health can also be affected by sport in regards to your mindset. Sport can be seen as a competition, even your physical fitness can be compared to others, which is when your mindset can take a turn from positive to negative. Which can be a road back to the likes of depression and anxiety. Try and focus on your own journey when it comes to taking part in sport or increasing your physical fitness levels. You also need to e aware that because of the way sports have been affected by the Covid-19, more on that here, you will find that the mental health side of things may have been affected even more because of the lack of opportunity to be involved or spectate with some of your favourite sports.

Physical issues 

There are many physical issues that you can experience when playing sports. For example, blood clots and muscle strain. Blood clots can often be missed by medical professionals when it comes to sports people because the person in question is fit and healthy, someone less viable to suffer with them. But, there are many reasons why an athlete or someone of decent physical fitness could struggle with blood clots. From dehydration and not drinking enough water to long distance travel. Sometimes it’s advisable for athletes to wear compression socks to help reduce the risk. Even things like gaining an injury can put anyone at risk of a blood clot due to the healing period, or even if surgery is needed. While it may be uncommon, it is definitely a health concern not to be dismissed. Muscle strain and sports injury are the most common health concern when it comes to physical activity. It can occur at any time more the most common causes are the lack of warm up and cool down before and after training, and pushing yourself too hard when you are actually in a training session. Muscle strains, tears, and injuries can take anywhere from a few days to months to heal. So it is always worth ensuring you take extra care when taking on any physical activity.

Weight gain 

Any athlete will agree, that the moment they stop training or reduce their fitness levels, their weight can be affected. In most cases, this is where someone will gain weight and increase in size. While it may not be a cause for concern, it can be if not dealt with effectively. A quick weight gain can go on to cause other health issues like diabetes and even obesity when it comes to your body mass index. It’s always worth monitoring this if you ever need to reduce your training times.

Let’s hope this has made you more aware of the health benefits and concerns that can be associated with any sport.

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