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The Batman Review: Matt Reeves Brings an Old Story to New Life

The Batman Review: Matt Reeves Brings an Old Story to New Life

The Batman Review: Batman has become a household name, and he doesn’t require an introduction. The figure has grown in popularity over the decades and has been featured in several films, so why another Batman film? What makes the new film so unique? Well, Matt Reeves’ The Batman is the answer to all your questions.

The Batman Review: What’s Different About This Movie?

The Batman film genuinely stands out among the different renditions of the characters, rising beyond the usual DCEU movies and fairs. The last instance a Batman film grabbed headlines was Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which set the bar for the character. However, the new Batman film gives the character more personality, making it stand out. Compared to Christian Bale’s Batman, the persona had a different feel than lurking in the shadows with a menacing undertone. However, the Batman persona played by Robert Pattinson is a total psychopath who can make criminals fearful.

The Batman Review: Matt Reeves Brings an Old Story to New Life

The Batman Review: What’s The Movie About?

The film focuses on the fights with the Riddler. He is always on a murdering rampage targeting Gotham’s well-known figures who have committed horrific crimes before. Through his twisted philosophical maniac and the penchant for riddles, Batman manages to weave the Riddler’s universe together in the film. The film also revolves around Batman’s ties with Selina, who plays the Catwoman. The connection between both characters has been well-documented in comic books, but it has never made it to the big screen. However, this time around, the filmmaker has attempted to make the viewpoint in this film ring accurate. More than affection, the film portrays genuine admiration for the two protagonists.

The Batman and the Catwomen have opposing aims and tactics, but their paths eventually cross. Even though the film is really about Batman, the Cat Women never let the superhero rule over her. Her character demonstrates that she does not require salvation and has dealt with or witnessed far worse. The three-hour film is quite comfortable and realistic in portraying the detective narrative of a character who continues to become stronger. The Batman Review rates it as stunning, with incredible bokeh techniques and lighting when it comes to directing.


The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, will be recognized for the effort that went into filming the picture. The Batman is a fantastic individual discourse on the Dark Knight’s legacy. Batman is brooding, bright, and magnificent, hitting that coveted sweet spot among a mass-market snack movie and a nuanced political drama. After numerous delays due to the pandemic, The Batman has eventually released, and it is well worth waiting.

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