The Best Gift Ideas for Gen Z

The Best Gift Ideas for Gen Z

If you have any members of Gen Z in your life, you’d better start brainstorming gift ideas well in advance. They are a notoriously spirited and independent bunch. If you’ve ever seen a member of Gen Zer be told what to think, you know what we mean.

So, what do you purchase for the fiercely independent self-starter in your life? Gifts that encourage their creative spirits and get them thinking on their own terms. 

Phone Cases

Let’s face it: everyone these days is on their phones, especially Gen Z. And as the saying goes, if you can’t live without it, you might as well accessorize it. 

If you peruse Casely’s iPhone 14 Pro cases, you’re bound to find something unique. Whether it reflects the young person’s true essence or adds a different flavor to their personality, a gorgeous new phone case is essential for the Gen Zer in your life.

In fact, in a recent study, 79% of Gen Z said that they couldn’t live without their smartphones. The fact that smartphones do everything from providing navigation, connecting us to our friends and loved ones, and enabling us to surf the web makes that statistic seem only natural – how could you live without a smartphone?

Astrology Cards Deck

Just because Gen Z is obsessed with astrology doesn’t mean it’s newfangled or without history. In fact, astrology has a deep and rich history, stretching back to the stargazers of Babylon. Perhaps Gen Z is just channeling their ancestors in their love of mapping personality types onto the stars.

If you have a Gen Zer in your life who is absolutely gaga for astrology, get them a deck of astro cards. Who knows? It may teach them about all the different signs, elements, and star positions. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Probably the biggest stereotype around Gen Z is their love of all things sustainable. Dubbed the so-called “Greta effect”after teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, Gen Z is indeed driving the climate-conscious revolution in many vital ways.

We can’t all sail across the Atlantic to raise awareness for climate change or give impassioned speeches at the UN, though. However, we can contribute to reducing fossil fuel use and pollution in our own small ways. 

Getting the Gen Zer in your life a reusable water bottle is an excellent idea, even if they already have one—or several! It shows you not only care about them but support their selfless passions.

House Plant

Big, leafy houseplants are all the rage right now. From rubber plants and peace lilies to ferns and English ivy, get your Gen Z loved one a house plant that creeps, crawls, and sprouts up beautifully. Bonus points if you get them a woven ceiling hanger, too, so they can maximize the amount of walking space in their living quarters while beautifying it. 

Gen Z State of Mind 

Get yourself in a Gen Z state of mind before you shop, and there’s no way you can disappoint.

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