The Best Lead Generation Tools

The Best Lead Generation Tools

Nowadays, over 40% of all purchases are made on the Internet. 85% of customers have bought something on the Web at least once. Thus, the sphere of e-commerce is constantly evolving to satisfy the need of modern customers. Marketing models are adjusted to attract more clients and increase client loyalty. Here, we’re going to consider the best free lead generation tools to increase sales.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is a potential client who is interested in a product or service and leaves his personal data for contact. For example, filled out an application, ordered a call, or specified an email in the feedback form. Marketers start working with such customers and apply free business opportunity leads techniques to encourage them to continue acquaintance with your brand.

The difference between leads and an ordinary target audience is that the first group is closer to making a purchase decision (in the language of marketers, this is a “hot”, “warm”, or “warmed up” audience). Managers usually apply lead generation tools free techniques to this category of consumers.

Lead generation means attracting leads. This is the process of collecting these very contacts using various free lead generation tools. These include:

  • pop-ups on a website;
  • app promotion on Google Play;
  • lead form ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Lead generation is only part of integrated marketing. Because generation tools work not only to attract customers and increase sales but also to create the image and improve brand recognition.

Note that for a popular online store or large marketplace, it is not enough to mention some contacts on the website. Make sure to have and use free leads generation software to cheer up your audience and draw more clients. Live chat or pop-up windows are some examples of effective free lead generation software. Thus, it is worth learning how to install live chat on WordPress to apply a new tool to your marketing campaign.

What is Lead Generation Marketing?

There is a certain classification that marketers use to indicate the degree of readiness of the client to purchase. According to it, customers are divided into the following groups:

  1. Cold leads are website visitors who have recently learned about your business and demonstrated their curiosity. Such consumers are usually not going to purchase products right now. However, they have left their personal data. Thus, a business can use a lead gen tool to come back to them later with new offers.
  2. Warm leads are consumers who show interest in your services or goods. For example, they leave a request for feedback, ask questions in the chat, or clarify the terms and conditions of delivery and payment. They are not guaranteed to buy, but managers still continue to work with these customers by applying a leads tool.
  3. Hot leads are consumers who are already ready for purchase. In most cases, these are loyal users. This group of clients is the favorite one for businesses since they do not need to be stimulated with additional leads tools or persuaded.

Lead categorization is important to show customers the most relevant offers and adjust your marketing strategy to each particular customer achieving better brand personalization. In marketing, this approach is called segmentation. For example, significant discounts on their first purchase are offered to cold leads, bonuses are provided to warm leads, and it is enough to show a new collection to hot leads to stimulate purchases. Based on this strategy, marketers study the reaction of different segments to promotional offers and choose the top lead generation tools.

How does Live Chat Help Lead Potential Clients?

Lead generation free processes require personalization. Chatting with potential clients is the best way to direct him to purchase and stimulate his interest. Here, it is important to wisely use the free lead generation tool and know how to sell goods and services via text messages. Here, the following lead gen tools can come in handy:

  • a lead magnet. A bonus, gift, or special offer introduced at the beginning of correspondence will stimulate interest and desire. For example, “we offer a 50% discount on the second purchase for new clients”.
  • a short quiz to get to know a consumer better and make further communication more targeted. 
  • adjust the style of communication. Formal responses are used as a reaction to formal greetings. If a client uses an informal way of communication, react respectively.

Live Chat is the Best Tool for Lead Generation

Lead generation software free use allows covering a wider audience and attracting them to your website. A short quiz in live chat allows getting a powerful lead generation tool that turns out to be more effective and personalized than a pop-up window or any other marketing method. By having a conversation in a live chat for a few minutes, you’ll get all the required information about a potential client.

Free lead generation apps will help develop the best strategy for attracting customers, increasing sales, and improving client loyalty. Do not neglect an opportunity to implement free lead generator software to your website to pump your business and make it more client-oriented.

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