The Best Tourist Attractions in USA You Can Visit

The Best Tourist Attractions in USA You Can Visit
The Best Tourist Attractions in USA You Can Visit

Are you planning a trip to the USA? So you must be perplexed with the myriads of choices tourist attractions from which you have to choose. While there are places of historical importance, there are sites infused with natural beauty to lure your attention, while the sheer glam and grandeur of another site anchor you.

Now, you may have your own bucket list for the top places you want to see on earth. The U.S. is sure to have several of them. Count your resources and time and make a travel plan that you would follow to venture out on the streets of the USA. Set off on your way to Grand Canyon, or the bustling metropolitan hubs, or maybe in search of freedom, you find your mind dragged to the Statue of Liberty.

The Grand Canyon

This site would undoubtedly be on every tourist’s bucket list and best tourist attractions. It ranks among the “must-see” sights that have been giant crowd-pullers globally for the awe-inspiring natural beauty. It is quite easy to hover over to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Mostly, tourists visit the South Rim of the canyon, which remains open throughout the year. Meander along the paved walking path and experience the awe and wonder how to gauge the canyon’s unfathomable depth from Grandview Point.

Statue of Liberty

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high. The Statue of Liberty is the most familiar icon, symbolizing freedom and the biggest statue in the world. The figure with 111 ft, 6 inches height is one of the wonders of the world that has been one of the most famous tourist destinations. You can purchase ground tickets, pedestal tickets or crown tickets to gain access to the site and fill your vision with the spectacle.

Las Vegas

Couple tour? Family trip? Well, Las Vegas caters to need of all and sundry looking for the perfect vacation ambiance. The glam is glittery with exotic hotels and attractions around the area. You get to choose from the multitudes of entertainment options, with each hotel featuring something exclusive to offer. Music stars often hail the place as their home. Experience the vigour of life, flourishing splendour at Las Vegas.

Niagra Falls

The massive cascade of swirling water rippling down and the splash of the vast quantity of water is a breathtaking sight to mesmerize you. Situated at the US-Canada border, the water flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario over the Niagra Falls, which comprises of three falls. Taste beauty, nature and the essence of liberty in the frame of the majestic waterfall.

White House

The hub of politics in Washington DC that has been a home to all the presidents of the USA, except George Washington, witnessed protest marches, democratic leaders, politically fraught debates, diplomatic deals, is bound to be among the top few of your wish list. The trip is free, but the security and safety issues of this trip are quite high, armed with many protocols you should follow. White house is the one of the best tourist attractions in the USA.

Walt Disney Resorts

Were you too trapped by your peevish fancies of dwelling in the lands of Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and those Disney characters? They became more friends than fictional characters. And here comes Walt Disney Resorts to welcome you with themed parks and exciting rides to let you re-live your childhood. This mega amusement park in Orlando, not only attracts children but also poses as a family attraction.

Yellowstone National Park

Roam in the wild and get a taste of the untamed wilderness at Yellowstone National Park.  It is home to a massive, ancient volcano that erupted, causing downslides and alterations in the natural phenomena. Geysers and hot springs are in abundance at the park, with bison, antelopes, black bears roaming around in the core zone of the National Park. With tourists flocking to this Park from the vast world, this is the oldest national park.

San Francisco City

The couple, single, family or a big group, San Francisco would never fail to amuse you. It is the perfect destination for outdoor dinings, enchanting views and even an exquisite cruise on the San Francisco Bay. Drop-in to see the Golden Gate Bridge and explore what a visual treat this place has to offer you with the charming artworks in the museums. San Francisco is one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

Planning a Trip

Now, you have all the tourist attractions listed down and the most appealing ones scribbled in your travel wishlist. Before all the planning gears up, you need a visa to visit the US and walk around to see the vista of tourist spots. Get your permission done successfully with american esta.

You may want to know the status of your visa application. Why don’t you navigate to the esta usa check to stay updated about your request?

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