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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast

The Dragon Prince’ is a Netflix Original animated fantasy series. Its story got derived from the ‘The Dragon Prince’ book series. It is a book by Melanie McGanney Ehasz and Aaron Ehasz. It has received an IMDb rating of 8.4 out of 10.

The first season got released in late 2018. Since then a total of 3 seasons got released. It’s been almost two years since the fandom is waiting for the fourth season. And now not only ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 4 is coming but also seasons 5, 6, and 7. With each season being 9 episodes long, this will create a huge ‘The Dragon Prince’ saga of almost 63 episodes.

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast

The popularity of the series is no surprise. It is by the famous writer of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. Also ‘The Dragon Prince’ cast has been amazing. The cast of ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4 will be the same as the previous cast.

The series has even won an Emmy for being an outstanding animated program for children. Now a video game is in development based on ‘The Dragon Prince’.

Yet apart from the low viewership, there is another reason that hinders the new season. Aaron Ehasz has been allegedly reported for creating an ‘abusive environment for women’. It needs to be  investigated.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Netflix has been updating the anxious audience with the developments. In one such instance, they revealed that seasons 4 to 6 were in a new phase, and season 7 was a separate one.  It has been further said that the new season is ready to get released. Now it is in the last phase of full animation with its partners at Bardel Entertainment. Netflix needs to buck up further.  Even a glimpse of ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 4 trailer would be like a treat for the viewers.

Although ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4 release date is yet to get announced, it might release in late 2022.

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