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The Forbidden West Patch By Big Horizon Makes The Game Less Shimmery

The Forbidden West Patch By Big Horizon Makes The Game Less Shimmery

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games has released a big patch for the game; claiming to solve more than a dozen quests and many other minor issues. It also seeks to reduce the amount of shimmer in the game. Those who survived the puddle-gate period uninjured should celebrate.

The sequel to 2017’s finest open-world game, Horizon Forbidden West, was published last month for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As in its predecessor, you play as Aloy; a young woman searching for an artificial intelligence program in a 31st-century post-apocalyptic America. You’ll be hunting robots styled like ancient creatures with futuristic bows and arrows along the way. It is in charge.

The Forbidden West Patch Game

Since the game’s introduction, gamers have complained about the game’s shimmering; basically, some items, mainly the fauna, appear to be viewed through the glass wall of an aquarium. Horizon’s performance mode, which plays the game at a constant 60 frames per second at the price of visual fidelity, is more evident. It can be challenging to see this thing with the untrained eye, mainly while you’re fleeing a fire-breathing mecha bear. But it’s there, as proven by this in-depth study by HDTV Test; which uses waveform analysis to reveal some of the game’s most arcane visual flaws.

The Forbidden West Patch By Big Horizon Makes The Game Less Shimmery

Issues In The Big Horizon

Today’s patch isn’t the first time Guerrilla has addressed Horizon’s shimmering issues. The developer issued a minor patch to correct the issue just hours after the game was released. As seen by fan films posted over the last month, the adjustments were insufficient. It’s unclear if the studio thinks they will resolve the simmering issue for good with this new patch. Also, that will undoubtedly rely on player response. A request for comment from Sony, the publisher of Horizon Forbidden West, was not returned in time for publication.

Aside from the shimmering, today’s update repairs more than a dozen previously broken missions. Because I spent most of my time with Forbidden West before the day-one patch; which solved a slew of reported flaws; unfair it’s for me to complain about bugs, even game-breaking ones. But here’s John Walker of Kotaku on “Kappa Cauldron,” one of the missions addressed in today’s patch; which he played only two days before the patch, would have spared him much pain and grief.

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