The Indexing Bug has been resolved by GOOGLE

On 17th April 2019, it was updated by Google that a new indexing bug has been found. Therefore, this indexing bug is impacting the news publishers on Google.

Today, that is 18th April 2019, the Indexing Bug issue has been resolved by Google. Google has reported on Twitter that they have successfully resolved the issue of new Indexing Bug that was reported in yesterday’s news.

The statement of Google: Google said that Indexing of news content has been resolved successfully. That added by saying that the new content should be indexed as normal. The contents that were missed during this issue will be reindexed and the remaining of them will be re-indexed on the other day and so on.

Google also said, “We apologize for our inconvenience and thank the people for their patient behavior”. They said all this in their tweets.

Why do they care? Google said if you have published content in the Google news. Then you may have been definitely impacted by this indexing bug. Google has resolved the issue fully. But it will take a few days more to see the full impact of the issue.

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