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The Last Day For ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ Is February 19th, 2022

The Last Day For 'The Frankenstein Chronicles' Is February 19th, 2022

There is a piece of sad news for the fans of The Frankenstein Chronicles. Netflix will take the popular British television series off the air soon. Both the seasons will depart on February 20th, 2022. Netflix aired the first The Frankenstein Chronicles on ITV Encore in the UK in 2015. The next season aired in 2017. 

Why The Departure? 

According to the reports, Netflix acquired the rights to air both seasons together in February 2018. The license is over after four years. So if you haven’t watched the series yet, the last day is February 19th, 2022. So better hurry up. Many believed that if the show gained popularity, Netflix would produce more seasons of the famous crime drama. 

Netflix gave the rights to A&E to broadcast it in the United States. Netflix released the series as Netflix originals. But why would Netflix take a Netflix original off the air? Netflix, unlike other streamers, does not differentiate between just exclusive and actual original Netflix content. 

Netflix licensed the show on an exclusive basis for the past four years. This is not the first show to depart from the popular streaming brand. Among others to go off the air are Morocco: Love in Times of War (Tiempos de Guerra), and the French documentary Mercenary are on the list of those departing. 

Morocco: Love in Times of War will go off the air on February 17th, while Netflix will stop airing Mercenary on February 5th. 

The Last Day For 'The Frankenstein Chronicles' Is February 19th, 2022

The Story 

For those who are unaware of the story, here is a brief description of the series. Mary Shelley’s literary masterpiece, Frankenstein is the main inspiration behind the series. It tells the story of a mad scientist who brings a dead body back to life.

The story is set in Georgian London. The novel, on the other hand contains all the grotesque elements for your reading buds. The book became a hit both on screen and on stage. Frankenstein became a hit character overnight.

The Frankenstein Chronicles is the re-imagined version of the old story. However, it still maintains the vital elements of the original tale.

John Marlott is a famous detective who along with Thames River Police make a horrific discovery. The show is about Marlott discovering that someone is killing children, dissecting them and assembling the body parts.

The Cast

The cast consists of Sean Bean as John Marlott, Anna Maxwell Martin as Mary Shelley, and Vanessa Kirby plays Lady Jemina Kirby. The cast also includes Tom Ward, Richie Campbell, Steven Berkoff, among others.

Benjamin Ross and Alex Gabassi are the directors. Moreover, its creators are Barry Langford and Benjamin Ross.

Will The Frankenstein Chronicles Stream On Any Other Platform?

There is no information as to who will air the famous crime drama and when? However, if we were to predict it, the best guess would be that ITV might license it to BritBox. Furthermore, it might also go to the highest bidder.

There is a possibility that like other Netflix Originals you might need to seek out physical or VOD copies of the series.

The show is a combination of horror, fantasy, mystery and drama. It is a must see. Check it out before it vanishes on February 19th 2022.

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