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The Last of Us Part I: Two-Hour Trial Available on PlayStation Plus Premium

The Last of Us Part I: Two-Hour Trial Available on PlayStation Plus Premium

Experience the game that gave birth to the HBO show of the same name

PlayStation is offering all its Premium Plus subscribers a two-hour trial of PS5’s The Last Of Us Part I to celebrate the launch of the HBO Max series of the same name. If you love this game, now is your chance to try it out. 

PlayStation Plus Premium is the highest level of PlayStation Plus and it costs $17.99 a month in the United States. With this subscription, you not only get to play free game trials, but you can also stream games, access a huge library of PS1, PS3, PS4, PSP, and PS5 titles, save your progress on the cloud, get discounts on games, and receive new games every month.

The Last of Us Part I, which was originally a game on PlayStation from 2013, is the inspiration for the first season of HBO Max’s new series. But the people who made the show said that some episodes will “deviate greatly” from what happened in the game.

People who liked the original game will be happy to know that they are getting more than they expected. There are also new exciting scenes that have been designed to make the game more intense. Neil Druckmann, director and executive producer of the game says that there is a lot to do in the game and he had to teach players various mechanics to make it more lifelike as a game. However, there will still be plenty of fights so it could better serve as a TV series.

Druckmann also added, “HBO’s been great in pushing us to move away from hardcore action and focus more on the drama of the character. Some of my favorite episodes so far have deviated greatly from the story, and I can’t wait for people to see them.”

IGN reviewed HBO’s The Last of US series premiere by saying that the show “thrillingly lays the foundations for the emotional torture ready to hurt us along every step of its journey. A cast at the top of their game with technical artistry behind the camera to match, it throws us into a world on the edge of cataclysm before brilliantly catapulting us into one that has been plunged into the depths of it.”

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