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The Last Quarter Earnings Of Apple Reach The Bar Of $18.3B

The Last Quarter Earnings Of Apple Reach The Bar Of $18.3B

During the last quarter of the fiscal year, 2021, earnings of Apple topped the expectation of Wall Street by generating a revenue of $18.3B by giving services in the sector of Apple TV, Music, iCloud, app store, etc. 

Even though the full distribution of their revenue was not disclosed by the tech giant or the exact subscriber number they gained, the CEO Luca Maestri did share the division of Apple service with the Analyst. It included 745 million pair subscribe which increased from 700 million as reported in the last quarterly earnings call of Apple. 

A Growth Check Of Earnings of Apple

This growth is almost a 5% increase in the company’s service revenue from quarter-3 to quarter-4. On the other hand, a 26% boost year over year. In fact, the total revenue of Apple, when estimated, came at $83.4 billion. It is short of what analysts expected but increased growth from the last quarter. Here, the product sale amounted to $65 billion as per quarter 4. 

In the middle of Apple’s fall event, the company introduced its new MacBook Pros in two editions. It included the M1 Pro and the M1 Max chip. 

Unveiling Of New Generation Gadgets

They even unveiled third-generation AirPods and an affordable version of Apple Music, too, that only Siri can control. Moreover, in September, the company also mentioned how professional and amateur filmmakers could benefit from the updated video and camera capability of iPhones. 

Apple even celebrated Thursday’s earning after they received seven Emmy Awards for its Apple TV+. Three of its hits went into Ted Lasso. 

Maestri shared in one of their statements released on Thursday that they experienced a remarkable fiscal year with double-digit growth. They even set new revenue records in different geographical regions and product lines. Additionally, they made it possible despite the dynamicity of the macro environment. 

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