The Most Popular Technologies Used In Mobile Application Development

The Most Popular Technologies Used In Mobile Application Development

When it comes to mobile app development services, there are two major options to choose from. You can either develop a so-called native mobile app (using an official software development kit for Android or iOS) or use a specific framework that will allow you to design mobile apps using just one codebase. The most popular frameworks are currently Flutter and React Native. What should you know about these two options?

Designing a mobile app entails many challenges that you have to remember about and overcome. For starters, there are two popular operating systems – iOS and Android. Modern mobile app development services are all about making the most of both these systems. That’s why many developers choose to design and develop so-called native apps.

Mobile app development: Native apps

Native apps are created specifically for the Android or iOS platform using the official SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by Google or Apple. The main advantage of native apps comes from the fact that they support all the functions and features of operating systems and devices for which they are dedicated, such as a camera, maps, internet browser, or a contact list.

There is a downside, though. If you want to reach both Android and iOS users (and you do, according to, in June 2021, Android had 72.84% of market share, and iOS – 26.34%, which means that both these systems are significant), you have to design essentially two different apps, because each system has its own requirements and Android app won’t work on the device with iOS and vice versa. This means that designing native apps is usually expensive and time-consuming.

Of course, companies providing mobile app development services perfectly understand that that’s a dealbreaker for many clients. Thankfully, there is another way to achieve a similar goal.

Flutter and React Native

These two are so-called frameworks – IT platforms that streamline the process of designing and developing a mobile app. Today, both Flutter and React Native are very popular, primarily because of their major advantage – these frameworks enable you to develop both iOS and Android apps simultaneously, using just one codebase. This means that essentially, you have to design just one app instead of two native ones.

The benefits are apparent. The whole process is cheaper and quicker. Of course, there are some limitations, and mobile apps designed using these frameworks usually are not as tailored to a specific system’s needs as native ones. Still, in many instances, they are perfectly sufficient.

Or maybe PWAs?

There is a third way that overcomes the whole operating system problem altogether. More and more mobile app development services are based on PWAs, progressive web apps that can be accessed using only a web browser. You don’t have to download any software or install anything on your mobile device. PWAs work perfectly with all mobile devices, primarily because they are not based on an operating system.

All the three presented solutions have their pros and cons. Which one is for you? That depends on many factors and conditions.

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