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The Password Game Will Frustrate You Out of Your Mind But It’s Fun

The Password Game Will Frustrate You Out of Your Mind But It’s Fun
Image credit: Neal Agarwal

Virginia based Indie creative coder Neal Agarwal launched a bombshell of a minigame on Tuesday called The Password Game. I tried it myself before writing this and I spiraled out of it by the time I reached level 16. As far as I know the creator himself is stuck somewhere around level 27. Yes, the game is that hard. 

The goal of the game is very simple, you need to create a password that is virtually uncrackable. To create that unsurmountable password, you need to abide by certain conditions. Each condition you fulfill is succeeded by a new one.     

The game starts with very simple conditions like the password should have 5 characters and then it asks for a special character and then for a Roman numeral. Things start getting a little tricky when it asks you to have Roman numerals with 35 as the product of their multiplication. But these are easy challenges nonetheless. 

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Rule 13 asks you to put the current phase of the moon as an emoji. Well, that too is okay. Things start falling apart on rule 14 where you have to identify the country by looking at a picture. I spent almost 15 minutes on it before I got it right. I finally quit on rule 16 where it wanted me to make the best chess move – I’m not a chess player.

Word is that it gets much worse than that. I’ll probably try my aptitude again on it at some point. For now, all I can say is Neal Agarwal has done brilliant work on this terribly small and incredibly frustrating game.

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