The Rise of Scopolamina Abuse Send Shivers to the People Living in Bogotá

The Rise of Escopolamina Abuse Send Shivers to the People Living in Bogotá
The Rise of Escopolamina Abuse Send Shivers to the People Living in Bogotá

After the disappearance of a 28-year-old doctor post a party at zona rosa on May 28th, 2017, the incident instilled fear amongst the city dwellers of Bogotá.

However, the doctor’s body, Fabián Herrera was later found in a place called Usme, located South of Bogotá. Post receiving the body, doctors said the cause of Fabián’s death was due to high doses of clonazepam, a family of benzodiazepine.

Thus, putting scopolamina and other similar drugs back on the headlines. These drugs seemed to have a drastic effect causing memory loss.

Also, referred to as burundanga or street names like ‘zombie drug’ and ‘devil’s breath’ this drug is tasteless, odorless, and has been around since the 1950s. Well-known in Latin America, the drug can at times be used by slipping it into a woman’s drink or food and at times blown into faces, thus making people with contact with the drug helpless.

How does scopolamina function?

Once taken, this drug suppresses the central nervous system taking about 15 minutes post-consumption causing dizziness and disorientation to the system. The person who has taken the drug becomes susceptible and might also go through amnesia, in few cases the drug might cause memory loss of scopolamina attacks taken place.

It may not always be the headline of news but hearing such type of news is not normal. A year before the incident that took place with the doctor, the crime statistics that involved the drug were up to 5,310 while 20 percent of the cases reported were of Bogotá. These crimes involved robberies of cars, houses, individuals, mobile phones, and sexual attacks of women.

In certain cases, it was also seen people helping robbers steal from apartments and empty bank accounts. However, in extreme cases, the drug can even kill people.

The cases were reported to increase in 2017 as compared to 2016, said a report in El Tiempo. More so, between January and June 2017, nearly 961 robberies involving scopolamina were being reported, the number was said to increase by 154 during the same period in the previous year 2016.

How’s the scopolamina drug prepared?

The zombie drug is said to be obtained from a trumpet-shaped flower from a plant called brugmansia which is yellow. This plant is said to be grown through the Andes. But off late, a drug called benzodiazepines is easier to obtain and commonly used since extracting the original drug (scopolamina) is not cost-effective.

The only way to avoid such incidents is by not leaving any of your drinks unattended, this calls out to all women who often go out partying. Since they’re the ones who fall victim to such crimes.

However, if you feel or believe you’ve been drugged, you can always report it to the police and seek medical attention. Getting medically tested might help the person from long-term side-effects such as flashbacks, panic attacks, or blurry vision.

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