The Secret To Creating A Cosy Modern Space

The Secret To Creating A Cosy Modern Space

As the days become shorter and the weather colder, it’s no surprise that many of us want to hunker down and hibernate in our own cosy space. For many, it’s often the finishing touches that people struggle with. You’ve splashed out on a new sofa, bought your dream coffee table, and your TV is mounted, but what next? Sure, candles and throws can add an element of cosiness, but there is much more to consider. You must think about scent, colours, textures, lighting, sound and more. Once you get all these bits right, you’ll be left with your very own sanctuary that’s inviting and helps you unwind on the days you need it most.

Here’s how to create a cosy, modern space that you (and your guests) will never want to leave.

Pops of Color

Colour is one of the most important elements when revamping your space. If you go too bright, you won’t be able to unwind, whereas if you go too dark, the chances are your home will feel a lot smaller and cramped. 

Many people play it safe and stick to white walls, but even white walls can often feel quite stark and cold and leave your home a bit bare. Add a subtle hue to the walls to warm your home. For example, choose an off-white or a light beige instead of white to make your space feel more natural. You can also introduce wall prints which help break up the colour and give your home some character – plants are also great for adding pops of natural colour! 

For accessories and furnishings, choose colours opposite each other where you can layer up tones – for example, navy blue and tan or emerald green and beige. Layering tones will help create a balanced, neutral look.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements when creating a cosy, modern space. Lighting has two personalities – the first when lit and the second when unlit. A light fitting may only reveal its full potential once it’s illuminated, so you must get this right. First, you’ll need to measure your space – how much lighting is required to enhance the room’s full potential during the day and at night? Is your area naturally lit and quite open with large windows and skylights, or is it small and intimate? Consider more ambient lighting for the evenings if you have a lot of natural light. In contrast, smaller rooms might require more decorative lighting. 

Next, think about the architectural and decorative features your home might need. Table and floor lamps help illuminate corners of the room and create an ambience for intimate gatherings. In comparison, light fixtures from the ceiling give an overall glow. Remember, more light isn’t necessarily better – try to put lights only where they’re needed and keep lower-level ambient lights elsewhere. Every room should aim to have at least 2-3 sources of light to achieve an equal, natural balance.

Wall Art

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long, especially if it’s white. If your walls are bare, your space can often feel uninspiring and unfinished. Wall art is perfect for adding character to your home without burning a hole in your pocket. 

First, you’ll need to choose the correct placement for each piece. A fireplace is a great example, as this is often the focal point of a room which can easily house a work of art above it. Many people also choose to hang wall art above their sofas. A large canvas piece will be relatively easy to place; however, multiple pieces of varying sizes will require consideration and arrangement before hanging on your wall. Opt for natural prints of silhouettes, geometric art, or modern, monochrome paintings for a natural space. Abstract pieces are also great for naturally incorporating layers of colour into your home.

Natural Elements

Decorating your home with natural elements will add a fresh ambience to your space. If your home is contemporary and lacks that natural, homely feel, these natural elements will help transform your space.

  • Fireplace – Choosing the right fireplace can enhance the mood of your living room. As previously mentioned, a good fireplace will act as your room’s central focus and give you a starting place for decorating the rest of the room. Fireplaces tend to come in black or a range of metals, so choose a colour that easily aligns with the rest of the room. Modern fireplaces are sleeker, whereas traditional fireplaces keep the flames at the centre of the design.
  • Wood – Wood is popular with many homeowners for home furnishings as it creates instant comfort. Opt for wooden furniture that will compliment your room, such as a wooden dining table, benches and side tables – natural light will also help highlight the wood’s natural grain. You can also use wooden shelves to help organise and decorate your home.
  • Plants – Plants are an easy, cost-effective way to add a natural look to your home. Indoor plants can totally transform your space. Indoor plants look good and make us feel good too! You can place your plants anywhere in your home, from your kitchen to the bathroom and lounge.

A Soft, Comfy Sofa

With so many sofa styles, it can take time to decipher which is right for you and your home. Having a comfy sofa is essential for any cosy space.

Corner and L shape sofas make a statement in your living room and can be easily decorated with scatter cushions of various colours and textures. Mid-century modern sofas offer clean lines and a simple look. Comfortable and stylish, these sofas are suitable for most rooms and are great for urban living. Suppose you want something more uniform without the hassle and choosing various colours and sizes. Then a sofa set might be the perfect option for you.

If your space is small or you want something to compliment your sofa, why not add an armchair? Armchairs are a great way to incorporate extra seating into your home and provide a comfortable and stylish finish. You can even choose from various colours, sizes, textures and patterns. 


Creating a cosy, modern space is easier than you think. For some, it could mean incorporating bright patterns and contrasting textures. For others, it might mean decorating your home with plants and nature. It’s important to create a unique space that allows you to connect with your home. It’s important to surround yourself with the things you love in your home. 

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