The Team With The Most Consecutive Wins In The Indian Premier League

The Team With The Most Consecutive Wins In The Indian Premier League

A good team shows consistency in its performance. The team winning consecutively shows that their success comes from constant hard work and not by chance. And the best cricket betting sites in India will show you more than the odds of a team or player.  Here is a list of teams that showed an amazing winning streak, making the most consistent teams in Indian Premier League 2021. 

Mumbai Indians – 6 Consecutive Wins 

Mumbai Indians is the most successful franchise in Indian Premiers League with five tournament wins. The team has lifted the trophy consecutively for two seasons that include 2019 and 2020. The team also managed six consecutive wins back in the Indian Premier League’s debut series in 2008. 

After losing the edition’s first four matches, the team registered a win in their fifth match against Kolkata Knight Riders. It was a good win by seven wickets that paved the way for their winning streak. After that, the team went ahead to beat DC, CSK, KKR, DD in the successive five games. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore- 7 Consecutive Wins 

Royal Challengers Bangalore are yet to win a trophy in IPL, even though they have reached the top of the points table multiple times. However, the team continues to maintain its winning streak. RCB managed to acquire the feat by winning seven successive matches in IPL 2011 edition. The team kicked-started the saga by registering a big victory against the Knight Riders in the 24th match by nine wickets. In the rest of the victory, RCB took over all other teams except Chennai. It was Kings XI Punjab that broke the winning break for RCB. 

Chennai Super Kings – Seven Consecutive Wins 

Chennai Super Kings is reckoned as the second most popular and successful team in the Indian Premier League after Mumbai Indians. It is in the third position on our list with seven consecutive wins that were back in IPL 2013. Other than Mumbai Indians, CSK is the only team that has won two successive IPL trophies (2010 and 2011). 

Coming to their winning saga, the team begins the winning saga in a match against Delhi Daredevils. They defeated Kolkata Knight Riders twice, Kings Eleven Punjab, Pune Warriors, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Rajasthan Royals once. The streak came to an end after losing a match against Mumbai Indians in the 49th match of IPL 2013. 

Kings XI Punjab – 8 Consecutive Wins 

Kings XI Punjab, which is now known as Punjab Kings, have never raised an IPL trophy. But the team holds a record of successive wins in the IPL 2013 and 2014 season. The franchise managed to bag eight consecutive wins, three in 2013 and five in 2014. The winning saga for the team started with a win against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 63rd match of 2013 IPL. 

Punjab won the rest of the two matches in the series and maintained their winning form in the 2014 edition as well. In 2014, their winning streak started with a victory against Chennai Super Kings. Out of eight wins, Punjab won two matches against RCB and the rest of the teams once. The saga ended in the 34th match when they lost against Kolkata in IPL 2014. 

Kolkata Knight Riders – 8 Consecutive Wins 

KKR leads this list with ten successive wins in two seasons of IPL – 2014 and 2015. It is the only franchise in IPL to hit consecutive wins in two digits. Kolkata’s winning streak started with their win against Delhi Daredevils in the league match in IPL 2014 edition. The team won two matches out of the seven games that they have played before that. But after victory against Delhi, KKR slid their way into the finals with nine successive wins the season. Furthermore, they also won the title for the second time in three years. 

They defeated Kings XI Punjab three times, Sunrisers Hyderabad twice, and SRH, CSK, MI, and DD once. Their 10th win came in a match against Mumbai Indians in the opening match of the 2015 IPL. However, in the second match, Kolkata lost to Bangalore. 

TeamsConsecutive Wins
Chennai Super Kings5
Rajasthan Royals6
Mumbai Indians6
Royal Challengers Bangalore7
Chennai Super Kings7
Kings XI Punjab8
Kolkata Knight Riders10


Indian Premier League is one of the exciting formats of cricket that fans worldwide love to watch. While only one team lifts the trophy, each team becomes a part of a record. You will find this information on the best cricket betting sites including who will win the toss today match, who will win the match, etc.

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