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Google gives importance to those websites which have unique, original and high-quality content. They categorize sites with relevant content as ‘alive’ and the sites with low-quality content as ‘dead’. The websites which do not update content on regular basis are pushed back to the bottom of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Updating your website the unique content increases the chances of being highly placed in search engine result. Always remember the golden rule of SEO. i.e.“Content is the king”.

Your content should be informative so that it can engage readers.  An efficient way of ensuring the flow of unique content on your website is through Blogs. While writing content for your blog, you should take into account the following things.

    Keyword Density

Always maintain the keyword density in your article. Google starts crawling your content with 1% density. But keep it 2-3% if your content is short (500 words). But in case of long-form content (500-800 words), it should be 5%. For an article of more than 1000 words, you can stretch it up to 10% which is the maximum density.

    Meta Description Tag

Use the keyword in your Meta Description Tag.  For a single web page, there should not be more than 150 characters in a description Meta tag. Use a different Meta tag description tag for each web page, as each page has different content and it can stand a better chance of being found on the search engine result page.

While writing content for the web, you can use following tools.


Grammarly is a free writing assistant tool which can be used to check grammatical error in the content. It helps in writing mistake free content. One this installs this app on his mobiles phones too. There is also a chrome extension which can be used in the desktop.

    Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the plugin for WordPress websites. You can install this tool on your website to make the content search engine friendly. It supports you to write your slug and Meta description, set keywords, and tell you how you can increase the post’s SEO by adding links and images.

    Google Trends

Google Trends is the free service provided by the google. One can use this tool to know what is trendy. It allows you to know the trends of the particular keyword across various regions of the world and in various languages.

So, these are some of the things which can be helpful in creating a quality content..

Jitender Sharma is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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