Tips To Cope With Infertility

Tips To Cope With Infertility

Trying to get pregnant is very hard for some people. In fact, approximately 12 million women have trouble conceiving. While that may seem like a small number, it means that it affects around 7 million people. If you are struggling with infertility, remember that you are not alone, and millions of women are in your shoes. 

The good thing is that for many, there is still hope, as frustrating as things might be. Dealing with infertility often means being patient for the right time to come. However, when you are ready to have a family, patience can be very hard. Here are some tips to help you cope with infertility. 

Practice Good Communication With Your Partner

It’s difficult to battle with infertility, and the frustration can lead to resentment and arguments between partners. This is unfortunately not only bad for your relationship, but it’s not helpful, either. The fact is, infertility is nobody’s fault, and taking out your frustrations on your partner will only make things harder. It’s important to foster an atmosphere of communication and respect when dealing with and talking about your problems getting pregnant. Be open, honest, and respectful, and you will get the same back in return. If and when you are able to conceive, your relationship will be on stronger ground than ever before. 

Join a Support Group

One of the best ways to cope with a difficult situation is to realize that you are not alone. There are millions of people at any time who have infertility issues, and there are ways that you can communicate with them. Support groups are a powerful tool to express your feelings, get ideas, and help others. You can join one as an individual, or for couples. Getting to know others who are fighting the same fights and having the same feelings will help you process your own frustration and anger. Sometimes the stories of others will provide you with the necessary perspective to get your head in the right space to move forward. 

Be Good To Yourself

When dealing with hardships, it’s tempting to fall into bad habits. To get your mind off of things, you might stay up late watching videos or mindlessly scrolling through social media. Or, you could drink or do drugs, or simply refuse to get out of bed. These will only make your issues even harder to deal with, and they could even exacerbate your fertility issues. If you are frustrated and stressed, then make sure that you get enough exercise and sleep. Eat well and practice stress relieving techniques like yoga and meditation. Being kind to yourself will help your mind and body relax. 

Research Your Options

There is a lot of research and literature out there that can give you the facts about women’s fertility. Look it up and see what options might be out there for you to try. There are new innovations all the time, and there are also at-home techniques that might help with your issue. The key is to understand everything you can about your issues so that you can take steps to overcome them. Remember, your medical professional is also on your side, so feel free to bounce any ideas, questions, or thoughts off of them and have productive conversations. 

Keep Yourself Occupied

Infertility has a way of sticking in the mind and occupying your thoughts. However temporary, having other things to occupy yourself will help to keep you from being consumed by negative thoughts. Throw yourself into your favorite hobbies, or start a new one. Take on a new project at work that is a challenge and will keep you engaged. Start that project around the house that you’ve been meaning to do. Whatever it is, keeping yourself busy can help you compartmentalize when you are thinking about infertility and when you are thinking about other things. 

Don’t Be In Denial

Infertility will make anyone emotional. The last thing you want is to pretend like you aren’t angry, or frustrated, or sad. Accept your emotions and do not keep them bottled up. Repressing them or being in denial won’t help your situation, and all of that emotional baggage and stress can end up exploding and potentially causing physical symptoms. If you need an outlet, then talk to a trusted friend or therapist. 

Being able to cope with infertility is a great way to help you fight it. It will keep you in a better mental state and prevent harmful physical symptoms. Use these tips to get through your ordeal so that if you are eventually successful at getting pregnant you will be in the best possible frame of mind when starting or growing your family. 

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