Tips to Fix Dull and Rough Hair

Tips to Fix Dull and Rough Hair

Things get worse when hair becomes dull and rough. There are days when we feel helpless about styling hair, so they look presentable enough. We all have our share of struggles behind the hair which is frizzy, brittle and dull that happens because of numerous reasons. If you are unaware why your hair turned dull and frizzy then this blog will take you through all the obvious reasons and also suggest what to do about it. 

Reasons Why Hair Becomes Dull and Rough

Improper Diet 

When the meal you take lacks required minerals, vitamins and other nutrients then it becomes a main reason for dullness in hair. Deficiency in nutrients often leads to hair thinning, dullness and breakage. Hence ensure taking enough nutrients in your meal that are important for proper hair growth and nourishment. 

Overwashing Hair 

There is nothing specific regarding how many times you should wash your hair; however there are certain signs that indicate you might be over washing that causes dull and rough mane. Stick to the thumb rule that says hair should be washed only when it is required and only with cold water. Using water at normal temperature will seal the cuticles and smoothen the rough hair. 

Ignoring the Split ends 

To maintain the hair quality, get the split ends cut on fixed intervals to avoid hair damage, uneven shape and dullness. If ignored hair becomes rough, frizzy and causes damage to the other parts of the hair. 

Not Taking Care of the Scalp 

Once in a while, pamper your scalp with a nice massage. Hair can become dull if the scalp is not given proper care. Hence, give a massage to the hair by simply running fingers in the hair strands and relax for a while. 

Tips to Make Hair Look Smooth and Shiny

Use Sulphate Free Shampoo 

To maintain the quality of the hair, always wash the strands with sulphate free shampoo. Shampoo with natural ingredients retains the moisture in the hair and avoids losing the natural shine and smoothness. Sulphate free shampoo is the best choice for the damaged and chemically treated hair as they are gentle and do not cause any further damage. 

Oil your Hair 

Oiling your hair on a regular basis helps in protecting the roots from damage. Once in a while give your hair an oil massage in the roots and tips. Applying oil on the rough hair parts, helps in protecting the follicle and keep the hair smooth and supple. 

Using a Hair Brush 

For taking good care of hair, using a hair brush is highly recommended. Using a hair brush regularly helps to smoothen and detangle the hair and distribute the natural oil of the hair. For better results, use Wooden Brush with nylon bristles that have ball tips and smoothly massage the scalp. 

Deep Conditioning 

Hair that is dull and hard is more prone to breakage and split ends. Deep conditioning works like magic to treat the damaged hair. Deep conditioning should be the part of a hair regimen as it makes the strands moisturized, prevents hair damage and restores the shine and smoothness. 

Hence, with the help of these easy DIY’s, you can have a good hair day every day. 

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