Tombstone of America’s Unknown Child May Finally Have a Name

Tombstone of America's Unknown Child May Finally Have a Name

A mystery that has gripped Philadelphia for 65 years is finally on the brinks of getting unravelled. If things go according to expectations, “The Boy in the Box” will have a name by next week and it might be possible to press criminal charges against the perpetrators of the heinous murder of the 3-6 year old boy whose body was found stuffed in a box in February 1957.

A lot of detective work has gone into the discovery of the poor boy’s identity who would have been in his late sixties or early seventies now. 

Detectives had exhumed the remains of the boy buried in the Ivy Hill Cemetary in 2019. After meticulous DNA analysis and cross referencing genealogical evidence, finally, on Wednesday the police reported that they have a name. 

The murder mystery has affected a lot of people emotionally over the years. People who are not related to the boy but have taken it to their persons to care for the body, to pray for him and to tend his grave.

Linda Tamburri, a grave worker at Ivy Hill said, “I’m just glad I’m here to actually know I’ll see that little boy’s name on the stone.” 

Dave Drysdale, who was present when the boy’s remains were brought to Ivy Hill from Potter’s Field in 1998, and is currently the secretary of Ivy Hill, said, “I just wish that the police officers and all the people involved who long passed away were still here to see it because that was one of their goals and a couple of them said ‘I hope they live long enough to see a name put on there.” It’ll humble Drysdale to finally be able to engrave a name on the boy’s headstone. 

The mystery of “The Boy in the Box” who was killed by blunt force trauma has involved a lot of detectives over the years. A number of them have passed away and the investigation has been to be passed on to new personnel. This is definitely the greatest breakthrough so far, and hopefully will yeild a lot of answers.


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