Top 10 Google Ad Extensions You Should Use

Top 10 Google Ad Extensions You Should Use

Advertising has taken a different toll as technology has introduced digital platforms like Google Ads. These platforms are essential in this digital world for advertising as they increase the conversion rate. 

The success or failure of Google Ad campaigns is influenced by many factors though. These include Google Ad extensions. These are vital to improve the effectiveness and reach of the Ad campaign.

Google Ad Extensions not only help in improving the quality of your ad campaigns but also help you be aware of what is working and what is not. 

Google Ad Extensions

Google ad extensions are things that you can add, alter and adjust in the Google ad campaigns. When you implement a new ad extension, you can add a ten to fifteen percent uplift in the overall CTR on average.

Google ad extensions have different types and each one of them does different things. Some let you add reviews, a call button, a discount or even a brief testimonial. These Google ad extensions are the reason why you see different sponsored results when you search on Google for something. Each result looks different from each other.

Top 10 Google Ad Extensions

If you are looking for ways to improve the conversions from paid advertising campaigns then Google ad extensions are an excellent way. You must use the right Google ad extensions in order to get the best results for your business. 

Many business owners and students are looking for the best Google Ad courses so that they use Google ad extensions effectively to generate conversions and reach their target audience.

This is why we have jotted down a list of the ten best Google ad extensions that would increase your click-through rate, and your ROI and decrease your cost per click.

1. Structured Snippets

The best way to increase organic traffic is through featured snippets. These are very useful in highlighting your products, popular features and services that users may be seeking for.

Through structured snippets, you can list different options that visitors will be able to get when they click through your website. These snippets are an excellent way to let visitors know who you are and what you do even before they visit your website.

Before you add a structured snippet for your ad, you must have a minimum of three values, make sure each snippet has a twenty-five character limit and aim for twelve characters or less on mobile.

2. Sitelinks

If you want to add various links to your ad then Sitelinks is an excellent Google ad extension. Sitelinks can be helpful in encouraging users to select where they would like to land rather than just visiting your landing page or homepage.

The process of setting up sitelinks is very easy and the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you can only make use of 4 links at a time. So, make sure you choose these four links wisely so that your account and campaign make the most sense.

3. Lead Form Extensions

The biggest challenge for marketers is a lead generation which has become easier with this Google ad extension. You can insert a form in the ad campaign with the help of Lead Form Extension and collect essential information and data.

This is a very useful extension for business owners as it lets you collect information which is helpful in gauging user interest, answer customer queries and collect their feedback. Moreover, it also makes it easier for customers to engage and interact with businesses and resulting in conversions.

4. Call Extensions

Customers can call you directly through this ad extension and avoid the long discovery process. You can just add your phone number and a direct calling option through this extension and make it easier for your customers to call you.

This helps businesses build trust and makes your business more accessible and approachable in the eyes of the potential customers. Nowadays, users mostly browse through their mobile phones for which call extensions work best.

5. Location Extensions

Location extensions let you insert your physical address in the ad. This helps businesses drive positive outcomes as some businesses are dependent on in-person visits. For such businesses, location extensions make it possible for customers to locate where you are and make a visit.

Moreover, adding a location for your business adds legitimacy to your business and customers who are browsing you online would have trust in your business.

6. Affiliate Location Extensions

If you are a retailer or manufacturer an affiliate location extension will be very helpful to you. These extensions can help your business reach customers when they are searching for the products that you sell through retail outlets.

Through this extension, Google will show the nearest location where your product is being sold.

7. App Extensions

It is the era when most people are using their mobile phones to multi-task and browse the internet. It is why users prefer apps rather than websites. If your business doesn’t have an app then you need to develop an app in order to stay in the competition.

Once you have a mobile-friendly app, an app extension can help encourage the visitors to download your app which would increase customers on the app and lead to sales.

8. Price Extensions

When you are buying a new product, the first thing that comes to your mind is the price of the product. By adding the price of the product in the ad, you will make it easier for customers to make the purchase decision. 

The price extension will help customers to land directly on the product page when they click on the price in your ad campaign.

9. Callout Extensions

One of the most versatile ad extensions is the callout extension as you can use it for different purposes. With this ad extension you can explain the types of products you are offering, do promotions for a special deal and even call out the target audience.

10. Promotion Extensions

A good bargain is what catches the eye of a customer which is why promotion extensions are in the top best Google ad extensions list. It lets you highlight offers that you are giving including discount percentages, display prices, sales offers and any other offers that would attract the attention of the customers.


In the world of digital marketing, ad extensions are a necessary investment. We have listed down the ten best google ad extensions which would make your business profitable and successful in this digital age.

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