Top 3 Haute-Couture Towers in Dubai

Top 3 Haute-Couture Towers in Dubai

There are several hotel and residential towers in Dubai developed in partnership with world-famous haute-couture houses.

There are enough people in Dubai who are the target audience of world luxury brands, which means that real estate sales with logos of famous brands are also in demand among investors who have long trusted this or that name. Developers hope that a large number of loyal followers of famous brands, especially among the younger audience, remain loyal to certain brands and would like to incorporate their favorite style into the lifestyle and design of their own home. 

The 3 most widely known branded towers include:

  • Cavalli Tower
  • Armani Residences
  • Palazzo Versache

Cavalli Tower

This tower is an artificially built peninsula near Marina edge and the Palm. Cavalli Tower in Dubai the UAE is a 70-storey high architectural masterpiece with uninterrupted stunning views of the Palm, Burj Al Arab, and Marina skyline. It offers unique waterfront features.

All the tower’s interiors are designed by Cavalli, which means exquisite finishes reflecting luxury in every single moment. Every square meter here is the icon of taste, starting from extra-high ceilings and up to each little detail.

This is the only Cavalli-branded tower in the world. Here you can enjoy true luxury, calm yet exquisite setting, an indoor waterfall, and numerous elegant water features as well as majestic views of the Palm and Marina.

This luxury development offers the rare-dining experience on the 58th level served by signature chefs. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy dining at the carefully curated sky garden with gratifying ambience.

Armani Residences

One of the most widely known towers in the world, Burj Khalifa, is home to Armani Residences and Armani Hotel. These suits and apartments are the icon of Giorgio Armani’s personal views of luxury and sophistication: lots of space, soft light, and seamless compatibility of forms and materials.

Iconmic Armany style is realized throughout each apartment and room: from subtle rounded forms and soft panels dividing different spaces, which gradually reveal one room after another, up to bespoke finishes and accessories. It is worth noting that all accessories are designed and performed by Armani/Casa. 

All the apartments and hotel rooms are full of aura of polished opulence. 

Armani Residences feature also cutting-edge technologies, including smart home systems and security systems. 

Palazzo Versace

Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel and Residences features a really good waterfront location with Dubai Creek views. The location is in Jaddaf Waterfront, just 8 minutes away from Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. This complex rises on historical Dubai Creek shore. 

This hotel and residences is a neo-classical development with traces of traditional Arabian architecture. There you will find an impressive entrance, very high ceilings, carefully manicured gardens, and numerous well-crafted Italian furnishings. Thanks to all these features the hotel became a Versace lifestyle icon.

Upon arrival, you see the striking ‘Pietra di Fiume’ design and the famous Medusa and Greek décor. The interiors feature Versace’s unique designs and fabrics, and outside you can enjoy your time in lush green gardens and near lagoon pools.

There are 215 hotel serviced suits and 169 apartments, and all of them feature décor pieces designed and made by Versace exclusively for this complex in Dubai. Each of the hotel’s 9 restaurants and bars has an al fresco terrace reflecting the historical heritage of Palazzos, where the internal court was used as an informal space to dine, meet with other people, and enjoy one’s time. The three outdoor pools are scattered among palm trees and flowers and decorated with mosaic tiles. The unique luxury interiors and majestic views of Dubai Creek and the city skyline make it perfect for different events and weddings.

Purchasing a Property

Dubai is constantly growing and offering numerous attractions for both tourists and residents. People from all over the world come here to enjoy their vacations or move to enjoy seaside living and countless business opportunities. This is why real estate prices are constantly growing.

Now is the perfect time to choose a real estate unit in Dubai: it will be a perfect investment. You can move there to live with your family, or you can purchase a property and lease it out with the help of a management company. In any case it will cost more by the time you decide to sell it.

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