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Top 5 Tips to Find Essential Online Chess Lessons & Courses

Top 5 Tips to Find Essential Online Chess Lessons & Courses

The last generation has seen a steady development in technology. Most people can’t even think a day without using electronic gadgets. Therefore, one can say that the past decade has earned the title of “decade of technology”. Even though chess has been available online for a long time now, online chess lessons & courses are getting popular in the past few days.  

People are availing more online chess lessons & courses since the covid pandemic-19 compelled people to stay at home. People have been looking at different ways to entertain themselves and chess has always been a game of skilled choices. Therefore. More and more people are signing up for online chess lessons & courses to learn the highly skilled game.

At what age can children learn chess through online chess lessons & courses?

Even though chess is said to be a difficult game, one can start learning it as early as when they are of four years of age. All they have to know is the alphabet system and the number system, to memorize the names of the squares of the chessboards. 

Top 5 tips to find essential online chess lessons & courses

  1. If you are new to the world of virtual chess, then chess experts recommend you start your journey from a proper and legitimate website. Even though the search engines might provide you with hundreds of websites to choose from, not all would provide you with quality service.  Make sure you are investing both your time and money in a proper place. Go through the website details and credentials before you decide to share your contact details with that said website. 
  2. Consider the two factors while selecting a website. 

i. Smart- Go through a ton of websites before you select the one for you. It is the decade of technology, so don’t compromise on artificial intelligence. An effective website would be constantly updated. 

ii. Swifter- People don’t like slow websites, or even websites that glitch often or run errors. Make sure the website you choose is smooth, accessible and available at all times. 

  1. An experienced chess coach is important even though you are availing online chess lessons & courses. Without which, you are bound to lose the human touch. In any case, after a safe, secure, and fast website; comes an experienced chess professional who would guide you through every step and provide you with necessary instructions. 
  2. Last but not the least, a good website providing online chess lessons & courses would provide you with 24*7 communicating services, available in various forms. This could range from, chatbox, help forum, good quality video to even functional boards. These tools would enhance your learning process. If you can choose the right website, then you will have a simple and easily comprehensible learning experience. 

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