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In the era of Digital arts, there has been seen a great change in the field of graphic designing. The fact is that the design once in fashion becomes outdated after sometimes. This is the year of craziness, experiments and wild imagination. So to keep up with the pace, one needs to follow the latest trends.

Here are the lists of graphics designing trends that will hit in 2018.

  • The “Glitch” Effect

What comes to your mind when you think of glitch effect? The answer is definitely the “corrupted image”. It has become the most popular trends this year. Once this was annoying to the spectators but now it becomes most wanted.

Obviously, horror movie fans are familiar with this effect.

  • The “Ruined” Effect

The ruined effect has been used by a number of companies these days. It is the form of effect which ruins the aesthetics of the composition.

Today, the graphic designing world believes in “Art of destroying”. It includes splashing, scratching, ripping off, breaking or any other form of ruining in the graphics.

  • Color Channels Effects

Playing with the various colors has gained momentum among the designers. This effect allows the designers to create illustrations effect. A holograph, a hallucination, a distorted reality etc. highly influence the viewer which has made color channel very trendy for the year 2018.

  • Double Exposure

Double exposure has been a thing for several years now. Its effect is produced by the photographers by combining two separate photographs. In order to create a cool abstract artwork, this technique can be used by artists and designers.

  • Double Exposure Duotone

This effect is produced by doubling the two different images or by or using two different overlapping images in monochrome colors. This trend is a hybrid from Double Exposure and Duotone, plus using color channels.

  • Double Light

Another major trend in double among the graphic designing is the double light. It transforms the simple images into modern looking ones. It can be achieved by using two actual sources of light.

  • Creative typography

The creative typography has taken the leading place for the several years and it will remain in trends this year. When it comes to this technique, imagination is your strongest asset. It can be combined with other techniques or can be used solely.

  • Cropped Typography

It was among the most popular trend in 2017 and in 2018 as well. It is the art of erasing some parts of the letters while keeping its readability at the same time. It requires a lot of creativity and professionalism. The effect is 100% worth the effort.

  • Chaotic Typography

In Chaotic Typography, the designers say no to the alignment of letters and words and yes to the unconventional order of letters and words.

Jitender Sharma is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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