Top Prospects to Watch for in the 2023 NFL Draft

Top Prospects to Watch for in the 2023 NFL Draft

It’s never too early to start rounding up the top talent for the 2023 NFL draft! With a new draft class, of course, come emerging prospects with exciting potential. The upcoming draft promises to bring in a bevy of talented prospects from all around the country, with each team hoping they come away with the future star quarterback or lockdown cornerback that could take their roster over the top. But who are some of this highly touted rookies-to-be? Let’s take a look at some of this year’s most talked-about players and examine why they’re worth watching out for!

Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter is certainly one to watch this 2023 NFL Draft. With his versatility and ability to line up at any defensive position, he’s an explosive force on the field. His quick first step makes it easy for him to outwork blockers and close in on the quarterback. Even when facing double teams, he can use his strength and agility to manage any potential issues. 

Additionally, he has a firm grip when defending against the run which allows great range while making plays on the perimeter. Despite his small downside of ending up on the ground more than desired, Carter stands out as an effective leader that must be prepared for come game time.

Will Anderson Jr.

Will Anderson Jr. is an impressive player who has already made a name for himself in Alabama as an edge rusher with a powerful production. 2023 NFL Draft scouts have their eyes on him, as he demonstrates excellent speed and can easily transfer that energy into power when needed. If a tackle attempts to overset to the outside, Anderson’s got an up-and-under move ready for them. He does need to work on escaping when the first option doesn’t work out, but his instincts could still benefit him in the long run. 

When defending against runs, Anderson relies on his length to stack blocks and make his way through crowds of players. His speed also helps him quickly gain ground and make plays from the backside of a play! All these factors combined promise great things for Anderson in the 2023 NFL Draft – double-digit sacks await!

Bryce Young

Bryce Young moved up the ranks of college quarterbacks and earned many accolades leading up to his 2023 NFL Draft selection. His feet work fluently with fast set-up moves, which keep him balanced to deliver impeccable passes to all areas of the field. Young knows when to take risks, displaying keen anticipation and the wisdom to recognize free yards that can be gained from extending plays. 

He’s not in a race for the end zone, either; Young opts for accuracy rather than speed on most occasions. Though often being labeled as short for a football QB, his narrow frame is what presents most issues for his durability – a crucial factor for 2023 teams in search of their star quarterback.

Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson is a 2023 NFL Draft prospect that has it all. He can run between the tackles with determination and power as well as maneuver through tight corners and break away from defenders out in space. He exhibits fluid route-running skills and high-level ball-tracking ability when catching passes, even if the passes are poorly thrown. Pass protection could use some improvement, but aside from that, Robinson looks like he can quickly become a prime-time running back in the league. His size, vision, and explosion will be a tantalizing combination for teams come April 2023.

Devon Witherspoon

Devon Witherspoon is an excellent prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft. He has outstanding quickness, instincts, and ball skills that help him be a rangy cornerback who can cover well in off-coverage. Anybody who watches Witherspoon will immediately recognize his agility and ‘twitched-up’ athleticism that allows him to stay with even the most vertical routes. His attitude on the field shines too as he plays with energy and force as evidenced by his huge hit against Indiana University. After watching some of his films, it’s clear why people compare him to former NFL standout Samari Rolle – between their similar builds and ball skills, he can expect similar success in the future!


It looks like the 2023 NFL Draft will be anything but dull. Each of these top NFL prospects brings something special to the table and we can’t help but be excited for the future talent that football will bear witness to. Jalen Carter and Will Anderson Jr. are ready-made starting linemen, Bryce Young could make an instant impact as a quarterback, Bijan Robinson’s incredible speed will cause major headaches for opposing teams, and Devon Witherspoon is a wildcard pick that could score big if they mature into something special. All in all, it looks like this draft class is poised to surprise us at every turn. For any fan of football, that prospect itself should keep you entertained until the Draft!


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