Top Three Innovative Digital Marketing Trends That Cannot be Ignored

Top Three Innovative Digital Marketing Trends That Can Not be Ignored

The businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s market and online landscape have no other choice but to adopt the latest technological advances and digital marketing trends that have emerged in response to the pandemic and consequent surge in the digitization of businesses. 

If your business wants to get at the top of SERPs or retain its competitive edge in its niche, you are here at the right spot. Here are three innovative digital marketing trends that shouldn’t be ignored. 

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Green Marketing

An important fact that today’s business owners cannot ignore is the consumer’s preference for eco-friendly business strategies, especially green marketing. Typically, green marketing includes the practice of advertising their products and services from the viewpoint of environmental sustainability. 

Environmentally friendly marketing strategies also indicate that a company/ business is taking its environmental responsibilities seriously. There are different ways green marketing strategies can be implemented, such as using recycled material in the manufacturing of products, using eco-friendly packaging, and limiting waste with the inclusion of renewable and repairable products/ materials. 

Green marketing strategies will also generate a positive brand image and expand your target audience. 

Position ZERO

While the high-quality SEO agency can help your business boost website traffic, there are also other strategies that you can include in your business layout, such as the featured snippet. Also known as position zero, the featured snippet displays website content. 

The featured snippet is displayed before the first search engine result, which is also why it has earned its name: position zero. For any business website that likes to get the most likes, this position is amongst the most desirable positions as it induces the most clicks and boosts website traffic. 

Now the thing about position zero is that there is no method to optimize a business webpage for featured snippets since Google determines on its own which website content would make a high-quality featured snippet. 

The digital marketing trend of SERP position zero included the worth of a keyword besides organic competition and search volume. This aspect indicates that digital marketers must now analyze whether the keyword related to a product and service has a SERP featured snippet or not. 

5G Technology

Since the pandemic hit the globe, loads of things have changed, including the online landscape and how people interact. That said, the smartphone has become the primary tool of interaction, which leads us to another innovative digital marketing trends.

All sorts of niches can benefit from the integration of 5G technology in their business models. Also known as the 5th generation mobile technology (technology goes where the user goes), 5G technology promises an innovative era of digitized technology that ensures the opening of doors to an upgraded era of digitized communication, the impact of which will be felt across all kinds of industrial niches; especially, the AR (augmented reality) industry. 

The 5th generation mobile technology will alter the ways how everyone will access things online, including all digital marketers.

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