Top Tips for Motivating Staff in High-Pressure Work Environments

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When working in a high-pressure environment, such as transportation or air traffic control, it can take its toll on your staff. It is therefore important that your staff are well equipped, and motivated to do their job. As their manager, it is your responsibility to keep your employees happy and keep workflow productive, and of high quality. Here are some top tips to help you keep your staff motivated while working in high-pressure environments. 

Lead by example

Tension can rise in high-pressure work environments, which can be challenging for everyone in the office. You need to make sure you lead by example, as your actions will reflect on your employees. If you lead with a good attitude, take pride in your work, respect your employees, and motivate them by being involved, it will be extremely helpful. If you are saying one thing, but acting differently, then your employees will be less motivated. 

Make sure they are equipped to do their job

Your employees are only as good as the tools they use. One of the most demotivating things in an office is when you are required to complete a task, but do not have the sufficient resources, or equipment to complete it, or at least complete it to a good standard. This applies to the control consoles they are using, the desktop space they have, the availability of resources and support, as well as the physical environment they are working in. Your business needs to supply everything to the employees when you have given them a job and set goals and expectations for them to meet. The equipment and tools must be of a good standard. Not only do you need to supply the right tools, but also the most efficient and up-to-date, if you don’t want your business to be left behind your competitors and leave your staff unmotivated.

Reward your employee’s efforts

There might not always be a big event happening in the office, but you can guarantee that your employees are working extremely hard in such a high-pressure environment. Rather than waiting for a large event to occur, make sure you recognize and reward your employees for their hard work and effort. Without them, the business would not be where it is. Positive feedback can go a long way, and often provide employees with the motivational boost they need to get through the rest of the week. 

Make sure you listen to your employees 

Another demotivating action is when you feel you are not listened to or valued. It is extremely important to take the time to listen to your employees, acknowledge what they have to say, and seek their opinions and solutions. Often, your staff who are working under a lot of pressure are experiencing the business first hand, and have valuable insights into your business. Keep them motivated by letting them know they are appreciated. This simple act can also go a long way but does entail you learning how to actively listen and seek their advice. 

Keeping your staff motivated can be difficult, but implementing these simple strategies can go a long way to working efficiently.

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