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Tumblr iOS Introduces New Sensitive Content Filter: Beware What You Search Now!

Tumblr iOS Introduces New Sensitive Content Filter: Beware what you search now!

Tumblr ios decided to take extra steps to stay on the right side of App store rules, with a sensitive content toggle option. This option controls all posts of a “sensitive nature.” This option is available only on the latest version of the iOS app. So, users using the previous version need to visit the Tumblr website to access this feature.

The sensitive content filter blocks search results tagged as sensitive, hides blogs of explicit nature. It also keeps sensitive content out of the user’s recommendations. Users can easily disable the filter from the settings, which helps users see content tagged as sensitive. However, the explicit posts remain blurry in the newsfeed.

Tumblr ios has not yet clearly defined the specifics of these “explicit content”; however, it is safe to assume that it may include contents that are pornographic. Tumbler ios banned such type of content in December 2018, following the app’s temporary removal from Apple stores.
“These latest updates provide more control to our community on the iOS app to build the experience that fits them best and to explore the content that they find interesting,” Tumblr wrote in a blog post. Later, a Tumblr spokesperson commented that “It’s important to note, our sensitive content guidelines remain unchanged, but we believe these latest updates will put more control in the hands of our community.”

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