Twins In California Split To Join Different Military Academies

Jacob Lowe and Joshua Lowe are twin brothers and known as “Lowe brothers” for most of their families.

Jacob and Joshua 18-year-old identical twins from California recently parted their ways just to join different military academies. Jacob Lowe is a freshman or Plebe at US Naval Academy. Whereas Joshua is a cadet at the US Military Academy.

Dave and Jen Lowe adopted these 2 boys as infants. Therefore, it was clear early that their sons have a special bond. These 2 boys ran across the country and track together in a high school said, Dave.

The twins said that they became interested in the military at the time of sophomore year when they were there to attend a local service academy night. They added their enthusiasm grew up where their physics teacher encouraged them to apply after releasing that they are strong candidates. They both knew that they are having an interest in Military that’s why they spend their vacations playing four academies West Point, [the] Naval Academy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. They played under the guidance of physicals.

Therefore, both the twins eyed to the west point as their first option. But both the twins received separate offers Jacob at the Naval Academy whereas Joshua at West Point. Both the Lowe Brothers accepted this offer and split to join different academies.

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