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Twitter Buys Threader To Help In Twitter Blue Features

Twitter Buys Threader To Help In Twitter Blue Features

Twitter buys threader and is all set to surprise a lot of users. If you are a twitter user, there are a lot of new things coming up for you. However, people have been a part of Twitter for a long time, there are still things that they do not know about. Moreover, this is the right time with which the users will love to use. Therefore getting blue ticks will become easier on the platform.

Threader has been bought by Twitter. It’s one of a handful tools that can help you comprehend long threads. Threader will condense a string of tweets into an article-like style if you tag his profile and type “compile.” “Moreover We’re introducing this experience to Twitter today.

Great Experience For Millions

We’re both proud of what we’ve accomplished together, particularly as a two-person team. Threader’s creators stated, We’re pleased to provide the Threader experience to millions of individuals on Twitter.

Twitter Buys Threader For A Long Term Betterment

Threader will be decommissioned on December 15th as part of today’s announcement, but its feature set will be preserved as part of Twitter Blue. Specifically, Twitter claims that Threader co-founder Marie Denis assisted with the development of the Reader feature.

New Announcements Coming Up

Denis will join Twitter’s Long form team, where she will continue to work on methods to make it easier for people to read threads, according to the company. Other details of the deal were kept under wraps by Twitter. The agreement comes on the heels of Twitter Blue’s recent expansion into the United States and New Zealand.

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