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Twitter Data Breach: 400 Million User Data Hacked & Posted on Dark Web

Twitter Data Breach: 400 Million User Data Hacked & Posted on Dark Web

The sample data contains email, username, follower count, creation date information as well as phone numbers in specific situations

  • The data sample includes information on a vast number of prominent users
  • Hackers ominously posted the list of stolen data on the dark web
  • The previous data breach was discovered at the end of November

New Delhi: Elon Musk is likely to be deeply affected by the massive Twitter data breach which has allowed for the sale of personal information from 400 million users on the dark web. Following his recent condemnation of Twitter’s rules and regulations, this incident will come as a difficult blow. The DPC has already initiated an investigation into earlier breaches that impacted more than 5.4 million customers in late November; with hackers even releasing samples of stolen data to confirm its legitimacy.

Twitter Data Breach: 400 Million User Data Hacked & Posted on Dark Web

What’s unbelievable is that the hacker even has sample data of some very well-known user accounts, including Salman Khan, Sundar Pichai, and India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting! The information in this sample includes email address and username, follower count as well as when they first created their account. In certain situations, it also includes phone numbers.

A multitude of widely recognized user IDs is part of the sample data. Most should be traced back to social media staff, but if that dataset has been compromised, it would spell disaster. Alon Gal, co-founder, and CTO at Hudson Rock (an Israeli security business) theorizes that a glitch in Twitter’s API enabled an attacker to search for any email or phone number which consequently lead to connected profiles being discovered by the intruder.

In a post, the hacker says, “Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this you are already risking a GDPR fine for a 5.4m breach imagine the fine of 400m users breach source. Purchase this data exclusively if you want to avoid having to pay the $276 million USD in fines that Facebook received for violating the GDPR (533 million users were scraped).”

“After that, I will remove this thread and will not sell this info again,” the hacker declared, inferring that he is open to a “Deal” being facilitated through an intermediary. This means data won’t be provided to anyone else either, which would prevent many celebrities and politicians alike from participating in Phishing, Crypto scams, Sim swapping, Doxxing, or other activities intended to lessen users’ faith in the company’s services while hindering its current growth and popularity.

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