Twitter Ex-Security Chief Reveals Security Concerns to US Congress

Twitter Ex-Security Chief Reveals Security Concerns to US Congress

Zatko revealed to the US Senate Judiciary Committee that Indian and Chinese agents are already inside the company

On Tuesday, the Twitter former security chief testified to the US Congress that foreign agents are within the ranks of the social media platform and the company’s security regarding its user data is vulnerable to exploitation.

Peiter ‘Mudge’ Zatko, 51, a famed hacker and the former chief of security at Twitter became a talebearer in July after he was fired from the social media platform. On Tuesday, Zatko appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee where he revealed his concerns regarding how foreign agents are infiltrating the company’s employee ranks. He went along on to further allege these foreign agents stating that they gained unremitting access to the personal information of the 238 million daily users of this platform.

During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Zatko claimed that his former employer does not have the optimum security required for this day and that it could lead to exposing user data to global intelligence operations, including those of India, China, and Russia.

Zatko said in his opening statement that the Twitter leadership is misleading primarily the public, the lawmakers, the regulator, and even its own board of directors just after he was sworn in by the committee.

Peiter Zatko stated with “high confidence” that the Indian government had placed one of their agents at Twitter and that he had heard of “at least one agent” who was sent by the intelligence service of the Chinese government and was “on the payroll”.

During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Zatko also recollected a conversation that he had with Parag Agarwal, who happens to be the current CEO of Twitter. Zatko had this conversation with Parag back when the latter was employed as the chief technology officer at Twitter. Zatko claims that their conversation surprised and shocked him to a great extent. 

According to Zatko, as far as Twitter’s security goes, it is almost next to impossible to fully protect its customer data. He further added that the Federal Trade Commission lacks the regulations of these privacy breaches and the following security concerns.

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