Twitter in 2023: 8 New Stats You Should be Aware of

Twitter in 2023: 8 New Stats You Should be Aware of

With 450 million monthly active users in 2023, Twitter is a popular platform with constantly changing user behavior. Staying up-to-date with the latest Twitter stats is crucial for businesses and individuals to understand their audience, optimize their social media strategy, and stay competitive. Updated Twitter statistics provide valuable insights to enhance social media presence, credibility, and meaningful relationships with followers.

Here, we are going to look at eight new Twitter statistics in 2023 that you should be aware of.

1. 6% of U.S. users are expected to leave Twitter this year

Currently, the United States has the largest number of Twitter users, with over 83 million Americans signed up for the social networking site. ExpressVPN’s research dictates that Twitter may lose as many as 3.6 million users in the U.S. this year alone, which represents a 6% drop compared to the previous year. Moreover, the number of monthly users in the U.S. is expected to decrease by an additional 8% in 2024, reaching the lowest level the platform has seen since 2014 – 51 million users.

2. Only 43% of marketers promote their business on Twitter

Although Twitter may not be the best fit for all types of businesses and doesn’t have the largest ad reach, it can still be a valuable tool for those targeting active audiences. With fewer competitors on Twitter, businesses have a higher chance of achieving organic reach and effective brand-building activities. By understanding the Twitter algorithm and developing a successful marketing strategy, businesses can tap into this untapped potential and take their brands to new heights.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has broken the record for the most followers on the platform, surpassing former US President Barack Obama, who held the title since 2020. Guinness World Records states that Twitter has approximately 450 million active users per month, and Musk has gained over 133.2 million followers, representing about 30% of the platform’s total users.

4. United States has the most number of Twitter Users

According to a recent survey on Twitter users by country, the United States tops the list with at least 95.4 million users, making it the largest Twitter user base. Twitter is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the US. The second-largest user base is in Japan, with 67.5 million Twitter users. Combined, the United States and Japan have over 162 million Twitter users, indicating a significant reach for businesses and individuals using the platform.

5. Twitter is gaining ground among the Gen Z population, growing 30% faster than Instagram

Surprisingly, 42% of Americans aged 12-34 now use Twitter, compared to only 29% in 2020, representing a significant 36.6% boost over two years. In comparison, Instagram adoption only increased by 5.7% during the same period.

6. Twitter ranks 14th among the world’s favorite social media platforms, with 238 million MAUs

Twitter has become a popular platform for customer service requests, with more than 80% of social customer service requests happening on the platform, according to advertisers. This has led Salesforce to refer to Twitter as the “New 1-800 Number for Customer Service”. 

7. The majority of Twitter users are male, comprising 68.1% of the platform’s user base

Twitter’s user base is predominantly male, with men accounting for 68.1% of all users on the platform. In contrast, only 31.9% of Twitter’s user base is female. This is one of the largest gender disparities among social media platforms. Other popular platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn have a much more balanced gender distribution. For instance, 51.6% of LinkedIn users are male, and 48.4% are female, indicating a more equal balance between the sexes.

8. Twitter users spend an average of 15.5 hours per month on the platform

Twitter users spend an average of 31 minutes per day on the platform (31 minutes per day x 30 days per month = 930 minutes or 15.5 hours), with the typical visit lasting 10 minutes and 42 seconds and involving 11 pages viewed. In the US, 46% of Twitter users access the app daily, 27% check it weekly, and 27% use it less frequently. 

Final Thoughts

Twitter will remain a significant player in the social media landscape in 2023. The platform is gaining popularity among the Gen Z population, presenting an untapped business potential. With Elon Musk holding the most popular Twitter account, businesses can tap into the platform’s reach to build brand awareness and engage with customers. Overall, Twitter’s unique strengths make it a worthwhile platform for businesses to consider as part of their marketing strategy.


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