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Twitter Users Criticize Elon Musk for Massive Platform Outages

Twitter Users Criticize Elon Musk for Massive Platform Outages
  • Twitter users were vocal with their frustrations after being met with error messages, and Elon Musk himself responded to the uproar

Many users have reported strange errors when attempting to access the site owned by Elon Musk. Some can even see a blank page or become unexpectedly signed out of their accounts. Furthermore, many people also cannot view replies, respond to tweets or follow trending topics at all. 

On Wednesday, Twitter faced outages throughout the U.S. and internationally, resulting in major user frustration; so much so that #TwitterDown began trending on social media platforms like wildfire.

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With troubles ranging from login issues on the desktop version to major Twitter layoffs led by Elon Musk, media entities, journalists and Hollywood celebs have been eager to take a shot at him. His acquisition of the company for $44 billion only further fueled his detractors’ ire.

When a user twitted on Wednesday stating, “Can anyone see this or is Twitter broken”, Musk himself came out on the platform saying that Twitter “Works for me”

Unfortunately, some of the users had a less than satisfactory experience that day and complained about the various technical issues.

Morgan J. Freeman, the executive producer of Teen Mom, wrote, “Dipshit Arrogant Egomaniac Narcissist Musk fucked the pooch?” 

CBS News reporter John Dickerson voiced his opinion on the matter via Twitter, with a tweet stating, “As a madman shakes, a dead geranium.” In addition to that, Sarah Reese Jones of PoliticusUSA shared screenshots of the error messages she got and wrote, “Everything’s fine. Nobody needed those engineers.”

The Anaheim Ducks’ official Twitter account joined the discourse of users debating whether to leave Twitter, taking a lighthearted approach with their post – “40 minutes to puck drop and we’re frantically trying to remember the password to our Myspace account.”

Thomas Cunningham, the supervising producer from Live PD, voiced his opinion on Musk’s controversial plans to monetize the platform. He wrote, “I got logged out of Twitter on my laptop and now I can’t log back in. I’m supposed to pay for this shoddy trainwreck??”

In late October, Musk acquired Twitter for a whopping $44 billion. To optimize the user experience and reduce expenses, he promptly eliminated thousands of employees who were responsible for maintaining the service’s infrastructure. Furthermore, to make Twitter run faster and smoother than ever before, bloat code was removed from its system as part of its plan.

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