Two Useful Areas To Work In After Graduating

Two Useful Areas To Work In After Graduating

Finishing a degree and the inevitable questions that follow can be hard to navigate. Especially now, after having studied and graduated during a global pandemic, the post-university anxiety can be blinding. As well as attaining the excellent ability to scan credit cards, there are certain areas to go into after graduation which help give you essential skills that are universal to whichever career you choose to go in. In addition to applying for internships or volunteering in order to build up your CV in the area you want to work in, there are basic skills required in all jobs which can be attained through certain jobs. 

Teaching Assistant Work

After graduation, some people are not sure what they want to do, but don’t want to do a ‘filler’ job where they stop learning or applying themselves. Working in a school is a great way to keep your social communication up, as well as existing in a stimulating environment. As a teacher’s assistant, you will be required to teach groups of children in separate groups, be prepared to give your whole self to helping and nurturing children all day long, and do the groundwork for the teacher. The most common misconception about being a teaching assistant (now more commonly known as LSAs), is that they sit at the back of the classroom and print worksheets out. What people do not tell you, is that the skills you learn are highly transferable. 

Firstly, you learn how to be more independent in your work-load. This is because you are not being hand-held in your role, because all of the attention is being given to the children. Henceforth, you will have to learn to think on your feet. In addition, basic first aid training is provided in all teaching roles, only adding to the courses completed which will help you in any career you choose to go in. 

Marketing Work

Alternatively, marketing is a very useful job to have after graduation, best utilising the creative skills you have acquired whilst being at university. If you are not sure where to go or what to do with your degree, marketing is generally a very good area to start in. Learning how to directly work with clients in order to really understand what their brand is all about is a skill needed in the wider career ladder, no matter where you end up. This is because you will develop your ability to work with clients, listening to them and being able to create a good plan for what they wish to achieve. Especially if you aim to have a career in business, experience working with clients, or even closely with them, will be a requirement. With marketing comes a plethora of niches; copywriting, clientele, creativity, graphic design, business management. These are all skills which are highly transferable. 


In conclusion, graduation needn’t mean you are suddenly plunged into your chosen career. First, try and do the groundwork in attaining those basic skills all employers want. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. The different types of jobs you can apply to vary. However, as a start, think about applying to teaching assistant work, or marketing.

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