Types of Machinery Used In Landscaping Businesses

Types of Machinery Used In Landscaping Businesses
Types of Machinery Used In Landscaping Businesses

Alongside smaller equipment, many landscapers rely on heavy machinery to match their client’s needs and help their business thrive. In this short guide, we’ll cover the key applications of the machinery that is used within landscaping businesses.


Often referred to as dozers, bulldozers are track-based machines that feature a powerful large metal plate that is able to push materials such as sand, soil, gravel and more. Ideal to navigate areas with soft terrain, bulldozers are the best solution to thoroughly clearing and grading land. Dozers use wide rotating twin tracks that help to reduce the pressure on the ground by distributing the machine’s weight. Cat dozers are available in a wide variety of sizes, making them a suitable choice of machinery for both residential to large-scale commercial tasks.

Small and Mini Hydraulic Excavators 

As their name suggests, excavators are used for digging and trenching. More specifically, they are a helpful tool for hardscaping tasks such as digging holes, trenching, installing water features, or planting trees.

Skid Steer Loaders 

Easy to manoeuvre, skid steer loaders are a versatile piece of equipment that excel in tasks such as digging, grading, and excavating. They are capable of hauling the likes of gravel, pavers, plants and mulch around job sites, or transporting materials into the bed of trucks. Due to their convenient, compact size, skid steer loaders are ideal for completing tasks inside narrow or tight spaces as well as jobs out in the open. Despite this, skid steer loaders do in fact come in a range of sizes, which can be ideal for heavy lifting. For maximum efficiency while on the job, remember to fuel your skid steer loader with a reliable mobile (DC) fuel pump, such as from 

Backhoe Loaders 

Ideal for larger-scale jobs, backhoe loaders are another extremely versatile machine that can easily move larger objects or higher volumes of materials. Used on harder ground, they are also very efficient in loading and trenching. Because of their versatility, backhoe loaders are considered as an essential piece of machinery to eliminate the need for other equipment.

Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders 

Similar to skid steer loaders in their size and performance, compact track and multi-terrain loaders are equipped with a suspended rubber track undercarriage which allows for easy navigation on an array of different terrain types. They are track-based and especially useful for working on softer terrain while digging, hauling materials, and levelling soil.


Also called telescopic handlers, teleporters or boom lifts, telehandlers are able to lift and reach, as well as haul landscaping materials. For example, moving materials to normally unreachable heights such as on top of buildings to create rooftop gardens, or effectively transporting materials to distances that would be otherwise impossible to achieve.

Wheel Loaders and Compact Wheel Loaders

Unsurprisingly, wheel loaders and compact wheel loaders navigate with wheels as opposed to tracks, and are used for digging, grading, hauling and loading materials or debris. Similar to telehandlers, they are able to lift, making them a convenient choice for demanding landscaping tasks.

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