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Understanding Comprehensive Medical Cover When It Comes To Pet Insurance

Understanding Comprehensive Medical Cover When It Comes To Pet Insurance
Understanding Comprehensive Medical Cover When It Comes To Pet Insurance

As you may already be aware, pet insurance is typically offered in three levels: the first addresses basic pet essentials, the second covers the essentials with a few added extras, and the third looks after almost all major medical costs and routine care needs.

Evidently, this third and final level indicates top pet insurance cover. But what exactly is included – and excluded?

While this level of cover certainly varies between insurance providers, the general gist of inclusions and exclusions can be fleshed out accordingly:

Pet-owners are entitled to more annual deductibles 

Referred to as the ‘annual benefit limit’, this can provide great peace of mind when it comes to the prospect of making claims, should your furry friend fall ill or encounter an accidental injury.

A high proportion of vet bills are covered each year for eligible claims

Known as the ‘benefit percentage’, this part of the policy ensures the majority of bills incurred by pet-owners are reimbursed, provided they meet the policy terms.

Different excess options allows for flexibility when paying claims

Excess refers to the amount a pet-owner pays towards a claim. Pet-owners may choose to pay a higher monthly premium with a lower excess (for example, $0 excess per claim), or a lower monthly premium with a higher excess (for example, $200 per claim).

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll only need to pay an excess the first time you make a claim for one condition, rather than paying excess each time you make a claim (even if all claims relate to the one condition). This can be a common trap for oblivious pet-owners – one that some pet insurers blissfully capitalise on.

Emergency boarding costs are often covered

For most pet insurance providers, comprehensive cover looks after a large portion of costs involved if an emergency occurs (such as hospitalisation or domestic violence) and you suddenly need to arrange alternative housing for your pet.

Cancer treatment, consultations and visits, and cruciate ligament conditions are typically covered

Unlike more basic insurance plans, comprehensive cover often includes coverage for additional health conditions that may be relevant to your feline or canine friend. This is important if the breed of your pet is prone to cancer or cruciate ligament conditions and may need treatment down the track, or if you’re likely to require multiple consultations and visits over the course of your pet’s lifetime.

Assistance is provided for vaccinations, microchipping, and other routine care items

Perhaps the main difference between comprehensive cover and its fellow insurance policy plans is that it includes routine care cover. This means pet-owners who opt for this level of insurance can rest assured knowing they are covered when it comes to typical out-of-pocket expenses that come with introducing a furry family member into the household.

From deworming and de-sexing to teeth cleaning and therapy, routine care cover means that your pet – and pockets – are protected in the instance of common procedures and check-ups.

Still unsure which pet insurance policy to choose?

Talk to a few insurance providers and ask if they offer a comparison guide between their different levels of cover. If not, try drawing up your own table to gauge a clear view of what is and isn’t included in each plan.

Taking the time to do your research can ensure you choose a pet insurance policy to suit your circumstances.

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