Update Signals of Google Search Algorithm around May 9th

We are here seeing some limited chatter for a possible Google Search Algorithm Update on 9th of May. It may have started on May 8th. Therefore, the chatters and the signals found are not so high, like the other updates. But there is something important that bring this to attention.

It will definitely surprise everyone if Google released an update for the core ranking algorithm during the I/O. But remember, anything is possible.

Maybe the update is related to the new evergreen Google Blot. Therefore, this is available to interact with another type of pages on the internet? Maybe the crawling abilities are able to show up in the index. Therefore, this is a more impactful way. Google did say that it went live.

Here is some of the chatter from WebmasterWorld:

Google Search Algorithm Update

The tracking tools in the tool providers, don’t show this thing as a big update. This is not the end because there is enough chatter. In our opinion, to this warrant post. We are having some screenshots of the tools, they can show more fluctuations tomorrow.



SERP Metrics:

SERP Metrics:

Advanced Web Rankings:

Advanced Web Rankings



Check everything properly and let us know whether you are seeing the changes or not.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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