Virtual Number: Enjoy the Decent Service

USA Virtual Number: Enjoy the Decent Service

The classic analog and ISDN telephony network had clear local and institutional constraints. Moreover, international calls are expensive, complicated, and do not inspire confidence among potential clients from different parts of the world or other cities. A virtual number (VN) removes these restrictions, which gives your company lots of advantages. 

The VN differs from the traditional one only in the fact that it is multi-channel, does not require a physical PBX or any equipment for operation, and is served remotely via an Internet connection. The virtual solution can be associated with a cloud PBX. IP-telephony providers, as a rule, automatically present all the basic PBX functions (voice menu, call forwarding, call recording, caller ID, and much more). It’s possible to use a wide range of communication tools to receive calls, faxes, and messages: a softphone (a program on a PC), a mobile phone (with configured call forwarding or with an FMC SIM card), a regular office phone, etc.

Predominant features

  • No lines to rent or equipment to buy. Your phone will receive calls to VN and can be used to make calls and send SMS as usual.
  • Work outside the office. You can change the destination number as often as you like with this option. Order a virtual number and forward your incoming calls to a new number.
  • Brand image creation. The SMS retrieval function can provide a company with valuable information, such as customers’ perception of its services or products, positive or negative attitude towards the brand, etc. This information is collected through SMS surveys and can become an advantage in the further development and strengthening of the brand.
  • Business presence. Most of the clients prefer to do business with local service providers. You have the ability to establish a local presence anywhere you choose.
  • Interaction with buyers. The ability to receive SMS from customers allows you to have an interesting interaction with them. This function can be used, for example, in SMS contests, SMS polls, SMS voting, automation of actions, security systems (registration, access, performing reserved actions on the site).
  • Features that improve the quality of service. VN can save your business money and provide great focus on customers’ needs.
  • Ease of use. There are no questions about the calls getting but there are several options for SMS messages from customers receiving: by email, SMS messages, or using a callback address. This feature can be widely used by entrepreneurs due to its simplicity.

A virtual number allows you to significantly reduce the cost of office digitizing. The business literally becomes mobile, able to better serve customers, and sell services or goods.

How to get a virtual number?

First of all the person needs access to the Internet. Next, you should choose a company that provides IP-telephony services. It is necessary to choose a platform for a VN connection based on the tasks. You can use various offers when it comes to create an account on a web resource. If there’s a need for a working telephone infrastructure, you should use paid but reliable services. Many companies provide USA virtual phone number and the person can choose the required area code, get acquainted with setup and monthly fees, etc. The service makes it easy to get a number of almost any American state, so it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the information about all the possibilities.

Prices for US VNs and other countries are provided in dollars. So, for example, the price of a number for outgoing and incoming calls in Alabama is $12 for one month. Other virtual American numbers have approximately the same cost. However, it should be noted that $10 must be paid for a VN connection.

How does the whole process work?

The principle of VN functioning is extremely simple. It is tied to a specific telephony provider. The company accepts an incoming call to a VN and forwards it to the called subscriber or to SIP smartphones, softphones, or mobile applications. Call forwarding is completely free; subscribers only have to pay for the VN rent. 

The user-friendly design of provider’s websites makes all the processes easily implemented without the need to spend unnecessary time and resources on training. If you have any questions, the providers’ specialists are available and ready to give feedback.

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