Volunteer Tracking: App 9 App Recommendations to Track Volunteer Success & Simplify Management

Volunteer Tracking: App 9 App Recommendations to Track Volunteer Success & Simplify Management

When it comes to hosting successful volunteer events, volunteer tracking becomes essential for all nonprofits. It allows the organizations to monitor all volunteer activities, keep track of performance levels, administer donations, and much more. With volunteer tracking and effective management, it becomes easier for organizations to act on the importance of volunteers, take up the best practices for volunteer management and ensure program success.

One of the best ways to take up successful management practices is with the help of volunteer tracking applications. These digital resources allow organizations to monitor everything from volunteer recruitment to building performance reports. These applications help simplify time-consuming administrative tasks and deliver productivity at all stages. Thus, here’s a look at some of the best volunteer management and tracking applications for nonprofits to use in their operations. 

9 Volunteer Management Tools to Track Volunteer Success

1. EveryAction

It is a volunteer tracking and management application that caters to the fundraising needs of nonprofits. It allows organizations to track donor details, volunteer responsibilities, supporting public figures, etc. Nonprofits can manage all information and activities with the help of one application, which reduces the pressure for admin work at different stages of a volunteer event. It simplifies the tracking process, thus leading to higher success rates as organizations can direct their focus to other areas of development. 

2. Golden

It is a volunteer management software that helps nonprofits track and streamline all volunteer information and tasks in one place. Organizations can conveniently monitor volunteer tasks, contact details, volunteer time off, and more from within the application. The application carries a seamless registration process along with high-security measures, thus ensuring all data stored remains secure from any malicious attacks. 

3. Charityproud

The application allows nonprofits to streamline all administrative operations relating to fundraising activities. Organizations can use this application to manage reports from previous fundraising events, sponsorships, donations, volunteer responsibilities, and other relevant information. The application has the added advantage of real-time tracking, thus simplifying the management process for nonprofits. 

4. Point

The application supports cloud-based data storage, which allows organizations to track volunteer information and performance from anywhere. Nonprofits can use this application to monitor volunteer recruitment, onboarding, communication, notices, and more. It helps streamline all management activities and simplifies the process, allowing administrative staff more flexibility to curate successful volunteer events. 

Volunteer Tracking: App 9 App Recommendations to Track Volunteer Success & Simplify Management

5. GiveEffect

Nonprofits can use this software for different types of volunteering requirements, especially fundraising, to ensure that all activities are taking place efficiently and that the goals are met in time. The application caters to US and Canadian audience groups and caters towards simplifying volunteer tracking at all operational levels. The application also supports cloud usage, allowing staff members to access data from multiple locations. 

6. Flipcause

It is a volunteer management and tracking application that allows nonprofits to monitor all volunteer-related information in real-time. It is a reliable tool that helps simplify the management process and ease the time-consuming tasks administrative staff must look after to keep everything in line. 

7. Duplie

It is a cloud-supported volunteer tracking application that allows nonprofits to schedule tasks, set up communication channels, manage fundraising reports, and more. Organization staff can access the application through multiple devices and send important updates to other team members when necessary.

8. NewOrg  

It is a web-based volunteer tracking and management application with real-time monitoring available. It allows nonprofits to keep track of volunteer responsibilities, important dates, reminders, sponsorships, and more. And it will enable nonprofits to take the essential steps to ensure event success and simplify management at all stages. With volunteer tracking, organizations can provide successful recruitment, onboarding, training, and more. 

9. VolunteerMark

It is a cloud-based volunteer management application that caters to taking up successful volunteer recruitment practices and onboarding the most suitable volunteers for an event. It helps manage all communication channels and improves performance levels for a successful volunteer program. 


Volunteer tracking helps nonprofits ensure that all activities align with program goals and contribute towards improving performance levels. Volunteer management applications can help simplify tedious administrative tasks and ease the management process. They allow organizations to manage data and build productivity at all stages. With the help of these applications, it becomes convenient for nonprofits to look after volunteer activity and staff operations and ensure high volunteer success for each event. 

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