‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 on Netflix: What We Know About the Upcoming Show

The second season of Warrior Nun will premiere on Netflix in 2022. The cast of warrior nun season 2 got revealed. Fans also got extra information about the show’s current filming location. They also got to know what viewers may except, and other aspects of the production.

A fantasy drama called Warrior Nun is a Netflix Original Netflix Original. Warrior nun season 2 trailer is not yet out. The warrior nun review of Season 1 is quite good. The number of warrior nun episodes is not yet known.

Warrior Nun will feature as a part of Geeked Week on Netflix.

The second season of Warrior Nun has been greenlit for production by Netflix.

The warrior nun along with many other shows will get featured during the Geeked Week event. It will begin on June 6 on Netflix. The warrior nun season 2 release date 2022 is yet to get revealed. 

An interview got conducted before the program’s formal renewal. The showrunner of Warrior Nun said that the warrior nun cast had “many more avenues to go down story-wise”. This was while they were wrapping up the first season of the show.  After the concert, they huddled to discuss potential new directions to go. 

The warrior nun season 2 cast had a meeting by virtual teleconference on the 19th of August, 2020. It was to affirm that season 2 of the show would telecast, thus making the announcement official.

What to Look Forward to in the Second Season of Warrior Nun

The first season of Warrior Nun ended on a cliffhanger. It has left fans wanting more badass action in the second season. The cast of warrior nun remains the same.

People were nothing more than puppets controlled by Adriel. They were battling for him against the troops of Heaven. Ava only finds out the truth about him after getting touched by him. They vanquished a Tarask creature that had pursued him out of a demonic portal. As a result, he got the wrong impression that he was an angel.

Under the Vatican, Adriel bestowed the halo upon the first warrior nun. He established the Order, and ensured that Heaven would look after its members.

After escaping from his tomb, Adrial’s first aim is to reclaim the Order’s halo. This will help him carry out his sinister intentions.

Shotgun Mary was  defeated by Adrial’s army of Wraith Demons despite her best efforts. Thus, it left Ava and the other sisters to face out against Adrial and his possessed warriors.

The next season will see a confrontation between Ava and the Order and Adriel. Soon Satan gets exposed to the public. Then, the supernatural powers may come to the Vatican’s help. They may help them defeat him.

Ava is much outmatched considering her strength. Yet, she is continuing to practice her Warrior Nun talent for the time being. If Ava gets enough time, her demonic abilities will surpass those of Adriel.

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