Water Slide Safety: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Water Slide Safety: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

A water slide is an excellent option for a fun event, regardless of whether the attendees will be adults or children. In this article, we will look at some tips for staying safe when riding a water slide.

Do Not Run

It is very easy to be taken over by the fun they are having, that kids start running to be back on the water slide faster. Since there is a lot of water around the slide, this area can be very slick and slippery, making it dangerous, especially if a kid slips when running at high speeds. 

Water shoes are recommended to ensure kids and adults always have traction when walking around water slides. Flip flops are not a good idea because they can become slick and difficult to walk in, adding back the danger you wanted to avoid by wearing them in the first place.

Do Not Drink the Water

It is crucial that no one drinks the water when riding a slide. This water can have pathogens that can make kids very sick. If kids need water, ensure they drink clean water from a clean container. If you are unsure whether your kids will comply with not drinking water from the slide or pool, it is better to have them avoid both.

Pay Attention to Sizes

Every waterslide is a different size and is typically rated for people past a certain weight and height. Size is a serious consideration because kids will go down the slide many more times than adults will. Slides that are too high or too long are not recommended for very young kids, although some companies allow parents to ride down with their kids to ensure they remain safe.

However, some slides are not as tall or as long, allowing even young kids to go down them as long as they know how to swim out of the pool or get back on their feet once their ride ends. If you are considering water slide rentals for an event this summer, talk to the rental company to see the sizes available to ensure everyone remains safe.

Watch Out for Other People

Keeping an eye out for other people is not much of a concern if you go with a water slide rental since only a few people use it at any time. However, it is essential to watch out for others if you are going on a longer slide. 

People move at different speeds on different types of water slides depending on things like how much water is flowing through it at the time, their weight, clothing, and other factors. Getting onto a slide too soon after someone has just gone down it can be dangerous for all parties involved.

Consider having an attendant who staggers the time between people going down so they can ensure the slide is always safe.

Water slides have become remarkably safe in recent years due to regulations and changes in the industry. Regardless, you should always keep your safety and that of your loved ones in mind before and when riding one.

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