Ways to Improve Software Maintenance

Ways to Improve Software Maintenance

The concept of a quality management system in the field of software support and maintenance is fundamental and includes three components: service, process and product. Each of these three components can be used as a separate and independent way to improve the quality of activities and customer satisfaction, or as part of a single program.

Multiple Approaches – Overall Result

Depending on what is more important for the company and where the brand sees its strategy and competitive advantage, the most attention may be paid to one of the ways. The software development quality standard sets out how to organize interaction with the client and provide him with a comfortable environment.

The quality standard in any business process defines the following provisions:

  • How the business process should be arranged and how to carry it out;
  • Who and what functions should be performed in the business process;
  • Who should be responsible for what;
  • What inputs / outputs should be configured and with what requirements.

The product quality standard sets out how to make the cost and terms of product sales competitive and beneficial for the client.

Selection conditions

Which way to choose: one or all – the company decides. The more methods are involved, respectively, the greater the financial and labor costs of the customer, but the greater the customer satisfaction, which means sales and profits in general.

Some companies rely on the quality of customer service and an individual approach to each client. Others, on the contrary, focus on mass customer service, the development of stable and large-scale technologies and business processes. And finally, individual business leaders prefer to attract and retain customers with the quality of products in its narrow sense (that is, favorable tariffs, terms of contracts, etc.). Of course, ideally, all methods should be implemented equally effectively and in a balanced manner.

Quality management: simple on complex

The system and work of the process team is reduced to the allocation of business processes and their management according to certain rules / mechanisms, which include:

  • Regular discussion of all key issues, tasks and problems on the company’s business processes and making the necessary decisions at meetings of the permanent committee on business processes and quality;
  • Regular meetings of process teams, consisting of employees from various departments of the company, on strategic planning, control, analysis and improvement of their process;
  • Feedback system of managers and executors of the process / subprocesses;
  • Unified instructions for managing processes and the work of process commands (sequence of steps when working with processes);
  • Marketing mechanisms (mandatory determination of market requirements for the process and its competitive advantages, assessment of customer satisfaction with the process);
  • Strategic process planning;
  • Description of the process, interaction of departments and responsibilities within its framework, determination of the boundaries of the process;
  • Project (task) management to improve (optimize) the process, introduce innovations (ideas);
  • A system for monitoring indicators of a business process;
  • Dealing with customer complaints about the process and analyzing the process. Customer feedback process;
  • Analysis / audit methods and continuous improvement (optimization) of the process;
  • Preventive actions and management of operational risks of the process;
  • Documenting all work and results of process control (records management);
  • Process budgeting and providing employees with the necessary resources.

This was a general rough structure. We insist on the development and implementation of a customized system that will be 100% compatible with your business and its software and hardware.

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