Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Ways To Make Money From Your Blog
Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Starting a blog can be very frustrating. There is so much to learn and you need to know the strategies you will use to rank your blog. Blogs like “The Huffington’s Post” are known to earn millions every month. You might have started your blog with the aim of sharing your knowledge but want to scale things up and earn from it. How do you do that? Keep reading this article to get more information on how you can monetize your blog.

Here are ways you can do that;

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is one method you can use to make money from your blog.If you do not have products or services you can sell, you can market products from other companies and get a commission. The only thing you need to do is create content that will help you promote the product or service you are marketing.

You also need to identify the right products for you to market. A good example is if you have a fitness blog, you can market supplements and fitness gear. Anytime someone makes a sale from your blog, you earn a commission. It is a good way of earning passively.

  1. Advertisements

When it comes to advertising, most people think of having pay-per-click ads on their blogs. The only way this can benefit you is if you have more than 100,000 visitors to your site per day. However, if you want to benefit from having ads, you can consider negotiating with advertisers to have display ads instead. This would bring in more income than PPC adverts.

  1. Email marketing

One of the ways you can keep your readers informed is through sending them emails if they have subscribed to your blog. Why not use the avenue to market yourself? Before you start writing sales emails, you need to get your subscriber numbers up. For that to happen, you need to connect with your readers and make them want to invest in you.

You need to utilize marketing platforms to create the right system that will help you market through emails. You can market products and services and have affiliate offers. If you have a course, you can also market it through your emails and have special offers to attract people to your site.

  1. E-book sales

You can make money from selling e-books. You cannot wake up and write a book about anything and expect it to sell. You need to write by researching on the niche you are focusing on. You need to do your research and come up with good content. You can make sales when you write a book that teaches people a skill.

You can market your e-book through your blog. You can consider having some parts of the e-book in the blogs to entice the reader to look for more. You can also use technology to automate your sales process.

  1. Have courses

If you have a skill or a trade you want to share with others, you can create an online course. It is hard work coming up with a course. There are many things involved in the creation of a course, as you need to do a lot of research to get good quality content. Like when selling e-books, you can automate the sales process through technology.

Not all courses will sell. The courses that make the most sales include digital marketing, technical courses, web development and graphic design courses. That does not mean that other courses will not work. You need to do your research and find ways you can make your course better than what is already in the market. This will put you ahead of the competition.

  1. Be an online coach

The coaching industry is experiencing an increased demand and you can tap into this money pot. You can consider offering coaching services and become a career coach or life coach. Since everyone is looking for some kind of coach, you will have a market to sell your services. You can promote your services through your blog.

Come up with different packages to give your market options. Make the packages simple to understand and price them appropriately. Also, do your research and improve your service so you can have return clients.

The days when blogs were only used to share information are gone. Even though there are anonymous blog platforms that focus on sharing different stories but most of the owners are monetizing their blogs to make a passive income. Now, you can share and earn at the same time through these proven ways.

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