We Should Not Be Afraid of Silence


As humans, we are familiar with the compulsion of talking for the sake of talking. We do so when we play aplikacja kasyno na prawdziwe pieniądze in the quest to establish connections with other players in our immediate circle. For this reason, we get carried away with the urge to want to express ourselves in discussions on various topics. This approach of engaging one another through words entails a variety of methods such as – small talk – daily conversation – gossip, etc., and has paved the way for social communication. It has also created an atmosphere where we get to free ourselves from any unfamiliarity and reinitiate more intimate relationships. Under such conditions, we often resent this strong desire to want to break our silence and become the principal factor of almost every social conversation. 

However, there are situations and moments when silence can make a difference. The way we accentuate group life, our daily needs for working with each other, and constantly getting in touch with total strangers, have all made verbal communication inevitable in our daily lives. In such a milieu, living and maintaining a life of silence can be associated with unfriendly regard as well as tension. But this should not be a reason for you to be afraid of silence because a moment of silence can sometimes make you different.

What is Silence?

Honestly speaking, it is hard to be silent, no matter where you are! Even in a deep forest, the sound of the quiet wind as it claps the leaves of the trees together, and the whisperings of the birds all tell us that silence is near impossible. Therefore, silence can be looked upon as the absence of deliberate noise or sound like music, radio, conversations, as well as the sound of other noisy objects. 

This free, permanent, and perpetual accessibility and exposure to all of these background noises and sounds, not to mention the reigning 24-hour exposure to social media and other gadgets amongst youths and some elders, has aroused this fear of silence in almost every human being. Think about that TV in the house that stays on while no one is watching. Silence is almost becoming man`s number one enemy.

Breaking the Mental Bondage of Silence 

To break the mental bondage of silence, take a trip to somewhere quiet, settle down for a while and enjoy the experience of actually accepting the environment and everything happening around you. Now, if you often get nervous dealing with long-term quietness, then start by spending a shorter period, and gradually lift the bar. If you are at home and you are not watching the TV, turn it off, and also learn to drive with all the accessories turned off.


One of the best ways to arrest our fear of silence is to stop being concerned about what others think of us and stick to our perceptions about ourselves. I think this way; we will be able to embrace silence. We can also develop an appreciation for the inner world by learning to tune into the divine nudges and thoughts that flow across the stillness of the mind. A place of silence is a place where we can enjoy the world around us even more. And that way, we will be familiar with silence.

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