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Weird Lifestyle Of Elizabeth Holmes

Weird Lifestyle Of Elizabeth Holmes

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ trial exposed various fraudulent claims made by the one-time Silicon Valley darling during her stint as CEO of the tech business, as well as some strange information about her personal life. Let us have a look at the weird lifestyle of Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been in the news for the defrauding case in recent time. The ones who know here always talk about the weird lifestyle she has. Do you also want a glimpse inside her life? Let’s have a look.

When she first came into the spotlight after dropping out of Stanford University and launching Theranos in 2003, her most noticeable peculiarity was her desire to be the next Steve Jobs. She imitated the late Apple co-founder by wearing characteristic black turtlenecks every day, much like Jobs did, but her devotion didn’t end there.


According to the Daily Mail, Holmes followed Jobs’ green-smoothie vegan diet, furnished her Theranos office with Le Corbusier black leather chairs, and even hired a security detail to drive her around in a vehicle without licence plates, a clear nod to Jobs, who avoided having plates by switching Mercedes leases every six months.

Several former acquaintances of Holmes, including Theranos workers, have come out to claim that blood-testing technology was not the only issue about which she was not completely honest — and the press has taken note.

Weird Lifestyle Of Elizabeth Holmes


In a 2018 interview with the Wall Street Journal, former Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou, whose investigation into Theranos brought the company and ultimately Holmes down, said that a former Theranos employee “caught her slipping out of her baritone, and was really thrown off by that, and realised at that point that she was faking the deep voice.”

Another unusual accusation about Holmes in recent years comes from a Vanity Fair piece from 2019, in which former Theranos workers said Holmes claimed her dog, a Husky called Balto, was actually a wolf on many occasions.


A federal jury convicted Holmes guilty on four of 11 felony fraud charges on Monday for defrauding investors about her health-care startup’s technology, which she claimed could diagnose hundreds of ailments with just a few drops of blood.

At its peak, Theranos was worth more than $9 billion, making Holmes a millionaire on paper, before The Wall Street Journal revealed that the technology had failed and everything crumbled. She has not yet been sentenced, but the four offences she was found guilty of may result in her serving up to 80 years in jail.

The weird life of Elizabeth Holmes has made her popular in her own manner. Want to know more about her? Stay connected and we will help you stay updated.

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