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Were Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Compatible Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Were Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Compatible Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s relationship has been the talking point among the public and media for years. The duo met at the making of “The Rum Diary,” with Depp claiming to feel fascinated by the actress. After this statement of Johnny Deep, the news of the two-dating popped out on the internet. In 2014, rumors were that the duo had gotten engaged now. Putting aside all the rumors and questions about their relationship, amber heard zodiac sign, Depp and Hear married each other in February 2015. Although, just a year after their marriage, the couple parted ways, for which Amber defined irreconcilable differences in the divorce papers. 

A few days later, Amber applied for restraining orders against his husband, Johnny Depp, for domestic abuse. Further, the actress also wrote an open letter saying she was the abuse’s victim. In 2017, the pair officially took divorce and later, in March 2019, Johnny went on to charge his ex-wife Amber heard for defamation. 

Cross-Action on Depp

In the same year, Johnny accursed Amber of assaulting him, leading her to take cross-action on Depp. 

In April 2022, Johnny’s defamation court case against Amber started, and since then, fans are also investing their time in every detail of the hearing. As per reports, Depp won the case against her ex-wife and received $15 million for the damages. 

After witnessing the couple’s relationship, it seems that Amber heard zodiac signand Johnny Depp’s Zodiac sign did not match. Their toxic moments have led their fans to wonder if the two were ever really compatible, to begin with. 

Johnny Deep was born on 9th June 1963, making Johnny Depp zodiac Gemini. The sign indicates a person with two different personalities or, say, having two faces. As per the outlet, Gemini men like completing those challenges and adventures that excite them. They are also extroverts, have competitive traits and are known for multi-tasking when you get to know them. The Gemini men also face issues with communication and are bad at expressing their feelings to their loved ones. However, they are also skilled liars. 

Talking about Amber Heard, she was born on 22nd April 1986. Amber Zodiac Sign is Taurus. Astrology suggests that women with the Taurus zodiac sign are more likely to embrace lavish lifestyles. They are also considered solid forces and are famous for setting their goals and turning them into reality. But, as per the astrologers, Taurus women are also tricky and stubborn and can become angry when upset. Also, they are pretty foody, alcohol addicts and money-minded people. 

So were Amber Heard and Johnny Depp mismatched from the start based on their zodiac signs? 

Were Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Compatible Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s zodiac signs aren’t a good match

As per reports, Amber and Johnny were not astrologically compatible. As outlet Johnny Depp’s astrology chart suggests, he believes in wounded and toxic relationships. In comparison, Amber Heard Astrotheme and Amber Heard Star sign suggest that the actress is prone to deception and cheats herself.  

Astrology says the pairing of Taurus women and Gemini men can easily split if they fight. Thus, in Heard and Depp’s case, their fans know this to be true. As per the outlets, Gemini man and Taurus woman can initially attracted to each other’s differences, but with time they soon realize that they are not compatible enough, as they do not have anything in common. 

A news daily also reports that Taurus and Gemini pairing may also have problems in the bedroom, which can create issues in their relationship. While the fans know Heard and Depp were not a good match, it feels like their zodiac signs are also not compatible. 

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